I love Temple Run. It’s one of my favorite mobile games and it was one of the first games I downloaded when I got my new iPhone this past December. I can spend hours wasting time running the gauntlet while chased by creepy bird monkey things. So when I heard that there was a second one on the way I was pretty damn excited. Temple Run 2 launched on January 17th and now that we have all had a few days to digest the new game, here’s my thoughts.

Temple Run 2 is definitely an improvement on the original in a lot of ways. The environment is much more dynamic and interesting in this version; there are more realistic looking trees, fire traps, and more. The graphics in general have had a pretty major upgrade and the game looks absolutely fantastic. I think it makes the whole thing just a little more exciting. The new little gimmicks – like the zip-lines for example – add a bit more to the experience and the ‘powers’ add a sort of old school video game aspect to the game. Though, I could do without the continue option and the gems that you can either earn in game or pay extra for to get more.

Personally, I’m just not a fan of micro-transactions and this version of the game is way more aggressive about the whole thing.

I am also a little iffy about how much it looks like Atari’s updated Pitfall game. Granted, that game was a lot like the first Temple Run but now it seems like Temple Run took the cool parts of Pitfall and its’ turned into a vicious cycle of picking and taking things from one another. But that’s sort of how it goes, isn’t it?

If you’re a fan of Temple Run, you really have no reason not to check this one out. Heck, even if you weren’t, it’s a FREE game. You can pick it up through the Apple Store or Google Play.

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