Adventure, friends, enchanted balls, and rewards beyond imagination. If that sounds up your alley, then this podcast is for you. A new group has set off on an adventure in the game world known as Dungeons and Dragons. Aptly named Awful Good, these are the guys and gals to listen to. And the bonus is, they just started! So you don’t have a lot of episodes to catch up on! But let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of it, and get the cliff notes of what this podcast is about and why it is so great.

The cast of this adventure is lead by Lynn Andrews, the fearless DM. The characters are Jaal (Dave Hamilton), a Tiefling ranger, Lora (Mary Russell), a half-elf druid, Curtis (Jackson Ferrell), an ex-slave, ex-gladiator human, Beck (Brian Russell), a half-orc barbarian, and Yorke (Rob Gryfft), a half-elf bard. Together they form the Awful Good Crew, a misadventure crew on their way to pillage, plunder, and self-discovery. Starting out in the quaint town of Wollington, they get started right away on adding to their body count and uncovering secrets they probably shouldn’t know about. 

Since that point, we’ve followed the group as they make a few questionable choices. For starters, they follow a random kid into the woods, knock on doors in a shady hideout, and part of their crew just goes off by themselves. Lucky for them, some great rolls save their hides and get them out of some sticky situations. Now at this point in the game, the crew is back together. We’ve learned that Yorke has some enchanted ball bearings that sing and talk, have been joined by two new friends, and are about ready to storm a castle. 

The members of this group have varying levels of DnD experience, which makes it great to start with if you are not a DnD player, or play on a regular basis. The terminology is broken down and simple to understand. However, this doesn’t mean a seasoned player won’t also enjoy this podcast. The pace is kept quick and exciting, with very little dragging over the buying and selling of items, haggling over experience points, and the like.

Beyond that, not every cast is the same. You don’t have to worry about it becoming formulaic with the typical regroup, go out, fight, split the bounty. Each one is different and hilarious. This group is one of the most sincerely funny ones I have ever listened to, and I am regularly crying from laughter. The best part is none of the funny moments are scripted, which makes it that much more hilarious.  

This is the podcast to watch and listen to if you, like me, are into tabletop games with friends. It’s a great show, with a great, well-rounded cast. The DM has masterfully laid out the world and creates situations that are not outlandish nor overly complicated to follow. Truly exciting and engaging for all levels of players, Awful Good will have you on the edge of your seat with adventure and laughter.

You can also watch this on your favorite streaming sites. If you’re into video versions, you can watch them live on Twitch, or the recordings later on Youtube. If you’re more of a listener than a watcher, they’ve got you covered on iTunes and Stitcher. The best part of this podcast? It’s brand new. So you will be one of the first to know about it and become a fan of it. And we all know how important it is to be the first. 


“Should I roll for slight of hand…?” “This is why we can’t have nice things.”

“If you want, you could help Martha burn the bodies.”

Let’s just go follow a kid into the woods. Because that seems like a great idea.

“I’m going to call him Clickandclack. Bone appetite.”

“She must have a really good memory…”

“I heard a rumor that when you stab someone when they are sleeping and unconscious that you get an automatic crit.”

Recapping the fight, and learning that Beck can’t hit a sleeping man. Beck admits he was wrong, the group has a tiff and makes up a bit.

Lora kinda turns into Poison Ivy with a thorn whip.

Curtis joins the crew and puts on a shirt… finally.

A weird rat appears.

Shots, shots, shots! And Beck wusses out, while Yorke entertains.

A difference of opinions in episode 6.

Singing balls. That’s all. Just singing balls.

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