We can all agree that the freshman season of Riverdale blew us away right? I mean, sure, there were a couple of weird moments — like that questionable relationship between Archie and his predatory pedophile teacher — but on the whole the season left fans dying for the next installment of our favorite neo-noir toned, small town mystery.

When we spoke with the cast last earlier this year at Wondercon, we were still anticipating the finale of the season, but after said finale, we’ve only been left with more questions! Our coverage at Vulture Fest didn’t come up with much in terms of spoilers, but now that more has finally been revealed about our favorite gang of sleuthing teenagers, we can finally start to piece together some teasers to season 2.

From our interviews with the cast at San Diego Comic-Con, which you can find below, we know that the season is going to be darker than the first, which is keeping in character with most shows these days. The current season is always darker, more shocking, more intense than the last. But, after the events of the shooting at Pop’s you’ve got to wonder how much darker can it get? Cheryl’s house is presumably burnt to ashes, Jughead’s dad is still in jail, Jughead is in the Southside, Archie might lose his dad, and that’s just where we’re starting off.

Creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has already revealed the first episode of the season’s title: “A Kiss Before Dying.” Much like the first season’s mystery surrounding Jason’s death, it seems like this season will revolve around Fred and who shot him. Other character plots include Veronica’s jailbird dad Hiram coming to town, being played by Mark Consuelos, who we lovingly watched on the short-lived Pitch. After finally getting together, it seems suggested that Hiram will most likely play the main antagonist to Archie, and with Fred and Hermione’s close relationship, Hiram is looking to be a prime suspect for wanting Fred dead.

Jughead’s new schools stirs up more than just a change of scenery for him. The transfer comes with meeting the Southside Serpent Toni Topaz, a bisexual girl played by Vanessa Morgan. While it seems pretty obvious that Toni is positioned as a blockade between the juggernaut fan couple of Jughead and Betty, it does seem like kind of a waste of a bi character to make her the smallest corner of a short-lived love triangle. But, maybe the show will defy my expectations.

After the shocking tragedies that befell her family, Cheryl isn’t going to be doing anything but becoming colder and more distant. While scenes from the trailer seem to suggest a crazier side to Cheryl, we’re betting it won’t be long before someone chips through that ice queen exterior and reveals a soft warm center. At least, that’s what we’re hoping for. And while the Blossoms are going into hibernation, it seems like Josie and her Pussycats are stepping further into the limelight with Josie joining the Riverdale Vixens this season.

Recurring cast members like Casey Cott and Skeet Ulrich have been bumped up to regular status, while Molly Ringwald is set to reprise her role as Archie’s mother. On top of all of that Riverdale buzz, the team has already confirmed that they are working on a spin-off featuring Sabrina the teenage witch titled The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Honestly it’ll be hard to replace Melissa Joan Hart, but if it’s anything like Riverdale — and the two will be in the same universe — we’re totally on board!

You can catch the premiere of season two of Riverdale October 11th at 8/7c on The CW network!

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