This post is an update on our original post, “SDCC Sundays: What To Keep In Your Bag.”

We want to know all about your con essentials! Tweet us @nerdophiles using the hashtag #CantConWithout to show us what you can’t survive a convention without!

Maybe you drag your sleeping bag out of the closet to survive the Hall H line, maybe it’s that super snazzy water bottle with the built-in filter, maybe it’s just your friends (to help you pay for that hotel you won’t actually sleep in)! Let us know what you’ll be taking to conventions large and small this season.

In the meantime, see what our Editor Therese likes to put in her bag for every convention:

1. Eye drops. I wear contacts and on a windy day, or a dusty one, my contacts can get screwed up pretty fast and when I’m running around San Diego, the last thing I want is for me to lose my vision. (Equate: Sterile Eye Allergy Relief Itching & Redness Reliever Eye Drops)

2.  Card holder. I leave one side for the cards I get, and the other side for my cards. (Stainless Steel Business Card Holder)

3. Wallet. Definitely the most important thing. It has a nice slot for my phone if I need to just take the wallet when we go out at night to dinner or something. It also has a bunch of card space so I can put my credit cards and room key in a safe place. (Marc by Marc Jacobs Karma Chameleon Slim Zippy Wallet)

4. Notebook. When I’m bored or at an interview, this little guy can come in handy. A nice pen is also useful. Forgot to include a Sharpie, but those are super helpful especially when passing by the odd celebrity on the street. (Fabriano Ecoqua Dot Notebook)

5. Glasses. Like I said, I wear contacts. And nine times out of ten I keep my contacts in my eye, but that one time I lost them I was basically blind in one eye the entire convention.

6. Sunglasses. UV rays wait for no man, and I do not intend on damaging my eyes any more. Also, I have a nice little pouch to keep my glasses in while I’m inside so they don’t get scratched! (Chevron in Sight Sunglasses Case)

7. Nintendo 3DS Charger. If I’m carrying my 3DS around with me all day, there is a chance I’ll run out of batteries. Especially if I’m standing in line and playing with the DS, aka checking my StreetPass. (Nintendo 3DS Power Adapter Charger)

8. USB Wall Charger. We all carry our phones with us, and while I have a portable battery, this is also important to keep with you when your battery runs out and so does your phone. (Anker 1A USB Wall Charger)

9. Deodorant. Body odor, meet your greatest enemy. (Ban Antiperspirant Deodorant)

10. Portable Battery. I love these little guys, and this one is the perfect size. With a USB port, it is great for all devices, but I use it solely for my phone when I’m at SDCC. (Anker Astro Mini)

11. Nintendo 3DS. It’s nice to have something to keep you occupied and if it keeps more battery life in my phone, all the better. Checking twitter is all good, but sometimes I have to check my StreetPass too! (Nintendo 3DS)

12. Sunblock. I’m pretty cautious when it comes to UV rays (re: sunglasses) so sunblock is important! A travel sized one like this is perfect. (Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration SPF 30)

13. Lip Balm. My lips tend to get pretty chapped especially since I tend to be a little dehydrated during SDCC. (EOS Lip Balm in Summer Fruit)

14. Phone. This is pretty obvious, but do not forget it in the hotel room!

15. Band-Aids. I almost always injure my foot in some way when I do a ton of walking and running, so a good set of band-aids help me. (Band-Aid Travel Pack)

Not Pictured: A good water bottle that is kept full, staying hydrated is the most important thing. A Blick poster tube for the goodies I accumulate on the way. And of course, the badge! To get you in and out of the convention hall!

Remember to tweet at us using the hashtag #CantConWithout to let us know what your con essentials are! We’ll be checking the hashtag and retweeting responses for the rest of the month leading up to San Diego Comic Con!

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