Synopsis of 7×07: Carl blunders through an act of extreme bravery (or extreme stupidity) and may have gained an admirer, while everyone else is pre-occupied with gathering supplies for Negan or getting revenge.

With all of these bottle episodes, the intro to “Sing Me a Song” gives a quick peek at a few characters to remind us of where they are. Michonne is still standing in front of the smoking mattress pile when she begins attracting and slaying walkers. Rick and Aaron are sleeping in the box truck, which they left in to go gather supplies for Negan. Jesus and Carl are hiding out in the back of another box truck on their way to Negan – Carl to kill him and Jesus to find where his compound is for Sasha.

In the back of the box truck headed to Negan, Jesus tries to convince Carl that they’re close enough to bail out and follow cautiously on foot from this point. Carl seems scared and asks Jesus to show him how to properly jump from the back of the truck without being seen. Joke’s on him though, when he bails out, Carl waves and continues on his way without jumping out.

He, naturally, makes it to Negan’s compound first and says hello by shooting one of the guys who drove the trunk in as he was unloading it. With the element of surprise gone, Carl climbs out of the truck and demands Negan, who shows up and is suitably impressed by Carl’s display. He then shoots another guy before being tackled by Dwight and disarmed, but Negan still offers to show Carl around.

Fearful of what might happen to him next, Negan yells at Carl for ruining the illusion of how badass he is and drags him along on a display of power. They enter a warehouse where everyone kneels to Negan, who benevolently tells them that they’ll all have fresh vegetables tonight, without having to use points. Quietly, he tells Carl that it’s a sign of how much respect he gets before letting them all get up and go about their business.

Rosita is still hellbent on getting that one single bullet for Negan, dragging Eugene out to where he had originally thought to make them. They’re momentarily waylaid by Spencer and Father Gabriel, who are going out for supplies for Negan. Spencer and Rosita exchange some words, with Spencer still angry about how Rick handled everything in Alexandria since he’s gotten there.

Negan’s next stop with Carl is the room with all of his wives, where Sherry is quietly comforting one of them. She and Negan talk for a moment before he gives Carl a beer and sits with the crying woman. He offers to let her go free to work with Mark and her mother, after having found out that she cheated on him with Mark. For some reason, that’s even worse than being his wife and she tearfully tells him she loves him.

Spencer and Father Gabriel commence the shortest and most awkward supply gathering trip known to man when Spencer opens with, “I hate Rick.” They argue over whether it’s better or worse with him in charge and Spencer admits he hopes Rick never comes back. Gabriel has him stop the car, first informing him that he’s a tremendous shit and then leaving to go back.

After a tour of the place, Negan and Carl settle into his room – where Negan contemplates Carl’s punishment for the two men he killed. In penance, Negan makes him remove his eye patch, which makes Carl cry. In a stunning move, he apologizes, explaining that he forgets Carl is just a kid, before Fat Joseph brings him Lucille, which he left at the truck after taking Carl with him. He goes on to try to make Carl feel better by telling him he looks rad as hell and no one would mess with him if he left it uncovered all the time. Then he undoes all of that by forcing Carl to sing him a song and talk to him about Lori.

He goes on to give a speech about security and rules and bringing civilization to the world again to his followers, stressing that there are punishments for not following the rules. One such punishment, which has already clearly happened to Dwight, is an iron to the face – which Mark has to endure for sleeping with one of Negan’s wives.

Once Father Gabriel leaves him, Spencer runs through the woods and finds a walker in a tree stand. He manages to hook the guy’s stand and jostles it enough to get the bow free, with the walker following soon after in a decapitated heap. He gets some other supplies off the walker, including a note written in Latin.

Eugene and Rosita make it to the factory when Eugene shares that he’s having second thoughts, even as she’s unpacking supplies. He tries to reason with her, to slow down her plans a little bit, when she lays into him about how useless he is and how he owes it to Abraham, who saved his life. Ultimately, he caves and makes her one single bullet. Seriously, make her more, this is dumb.

Sherry and Dwight share another muted, clandestine moment in the stairwell over cigarettes before they part ways while Negan and Carl return to his room. Carl wants to wrap his eye back up, but Negan won’t let him and they argue over what should happen to Carl, who tells him to jump out the window and save Carl the trouble. Fortunately, Negan decides it’s time to drive Carl home.

When they leave, it’s revealed that Jesus is on the roof of the boxcar they’re driving and when Daryl tries to threaten Negan over Carl’s safety before he leaves, he gets put back in the box for his efforts. A pan up and away reveals Jesus gone from the roof and back in his cell, Daryl gets a note that tells him to go now with things to help him escape.

A woman driving a truck comes across a pile of walkers in the road and when she leaves her car to investigate, Michonne disarms her and asks to be taken to Negan. They have a scuffle once inside the car, with the woman slamming the breaks and Michonne slamming her head into the steering wheel, but it looks like the woman is going to take her.

In Alexandria, Negan knocks on Olivia’s door and learns that Rick is out scavenging for him. He makes a joke about her weight when she tries to tell him they’re starving and he once again has to apologize for making someone cry. Of course, he also offers to sleep with her and she smacks him, which he admits makes him “like 50% more into her.”

Carl is forced to show Negan around the house, which follows a montage of Negan enjoying all of the amenities, including carpeting on his bare feet and running water. He tries to downplay Judith’s room, but Negan enters anyway and is thrilled to see the little girl, picking her up immediately.

Aaron and Rick determined that today was their only chance for finding supplies for Negan, so they risked following signs that clearly told them to go back. They get to an even bigger threatening sign that ends with: “The only way you have read this far is that I’m dead.” It’s revealed the dead man left a boat of supplies on a lake filled with walkers and Rick and Aaron weigh the risks before seemingly deciding to go for it.

Rosita got her one bullet from Eugene and tries to apologize for how she spoke to him, but he denies her apology in ways only Eugene can. He tells her she’s just saying that because she feels bad now, but that’s how she really felt then and opts for awkward silence on their return to Alexandria.

Spencer picks them up on the way, revealing that he managed to read the Latin note off of a dead guy and found all of his food stashes. Rosita asks if he’s going to give all of that to Negan and he says that’s what Rick wants them to do. When the gates open, they realize Negan’s already at Alexandria. In fact, he’s sitting on Rick’s porch with Carl and Judith, considering a move to the suburbs.

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