It’s no secret at this point how much I loved The Lego Movie. I don’t think I’ve stopped singing ‘Everything is Awesome’ since I saw it. And in true consumer fashion, I immediately went to Target afterward to see if there was anything related to Wyldstyle or Princess Unikitty that I could purchase.

Yeah, I think you can see where this is going.

There was absolutely zip to pick from that wasn’t a LEGO set that featured the two female characters in the film. I mean, I could buy pens shaped like Emmet, Bad Cop, and Lord Business. There were plenty of generic LEGO themed school supplies. I even got myself a notebook featuring a cover like Emmet’s instruction book on How to Fit In, Have Everyone Like You, and Always Be Happy!

Finding anything that featured one of the main characters or one of the more prominent side character though that didn’t require buying an expensive set though? Forget it. It’s not like one of them was on the endcap or every promotional banner on a website that sells toys. Or that both of them were on the final poster or anything.

I fared slightly better on the LEGO website where Wyldstyle had a total of three products outside of the sets. A watch, an alarm clock, and a currently out of stock keychain. This doesn’t include her inclusion in the blind minifig bags, which also has several minor female characters featured in the film. I even found girls nightgowns with Wyldestyle and Unikitty on the Kohl’s website, but that’s IT.

I really don’t get it. LEGO produces a funny movie with the message that we’re all creators in our own right. Wyldstyle gets an arc where she learns to accept that you don’t have to be part of a prophecy to be special and gets to be a character on her own besides Emmet’s love interest. And Princess Unikitty? Well, besides being sickingly adorable, she’s also one of the best examples I’ve seen in a kids movie of the positive effects of a girl embracing her negative emotions. The word “berserker” comes to mind. And yet, there isn’t a lot to choose from in terms of toys or merchandise for these two characters.

LEGO, you did really right with The Lego Movie, but I feel like you could do a little better in emphasizing in your toy marketing that girls are welcome to play with your products too. Because right now, half of your audience is feeling like an after thought.

On the plus side? The Cloud Cuckoo Land Palace set that is arguably the most “girly” of the movie sets that includes Emmet, Wyldstyle, and Princess Unikitty was sold out at Target and almost every website I’ve checked. Go get ’em, girls.


11 thoughts on “Hey LEGO, Where’s the Wyldstyle and Princess Unikitty Merch?”

  1. So I stumbled upon your post as I too am searching for UniKitty anything and I just want to let you know I was able to find a Princess UniKitty keychain at Barnes and Noble this morning. I know its not much, but I was so excited especially since I had given up my search finding the Target and Toys R Us shelves in my town annihilated . I have my fingers cross that LEGO will start pumping out the swag once its released to DVD and they start working on sequels

    1. Agree 100% on LOVE for Princess UniKitty check out the AMAZING uni kitty earrings I made out of shrinky dink material…BUT the movie didn’t inspire me to shop for pre fab Lego kits, instead I was inspired to CREATE something of my own…

      Look for the pic on my instagram @rubinicholas

  2. Agree 100% on LOVE for Princess UniKitty check out the AMAZING uni kitty earrings I made out of shrinky dink material…BUT the movie didn’t inspire me to shop for pre fab Lego kits, instead I was inspired to CREATE something of my own…

    Look for the pic on my instagram @rubinicholas

  3. I looked up some of the other movie sets and found that Unikitty is in one other one and Wyldstyle is in two other ones. Unikitty is in Lord Business’s Lair, Wyldstyle is in The Melting Room and Super Cycle Chase, and whoever Sharon Shoehorn is she’s in Castle Cavalry. There’s also an ice cream one with two female minifigs. I’d know who they were if I had seen this movie. I really need to see this movie. D=

  4. Amazon has several items for Wyldstyle and Princess Unikitty, but I agree that I’d like to see more. Like you, I love the movie and have seen it three times. I can’t wait to get my copy so I can see it whenever I want!

  5. I also want Unikitty but I’d have to buy a set I don’t want in order to get her. Lego have really missed a trick here… She’s much more positive a role model than the Lego Friends range.

  6. I wanted the Cloudcukooland playset as soon as I saw it in store, and bought it as soon as I could. Good thing to because it’s basically nowhere to be found at ASDA and I got the last set at my local Entertainer. I hope they come out with more variations, as I’d love to have Angry UniKitty, Biznes Kitty, and the next on my have to have list is that giant Metalbeard set, all because it comes with Queasy UniKitty.

  7. I totally agree! As a part of the target audience for most of these kinds of films, it feels as if people never seem to care about making merch for the female characters. However, I was able to find a few items: the Lego store has a few Keychains including Wyldstyle and Unikitty (I have the wyldstyle one:D) and they have the Melting Room set (which I have) and it has the exclusive Wyldstyle fig with the hood up. I also have purchased this awesome Wyldstyle shirt at Reddbubble ( an they have a few other designs as well. I can’t wait to get the CCL set. 😀

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