The #NerdsRead Pull List – January 25, 2017

 What a week for comics! This might be our longest pull list yet. Sam took a look at Lumberjanes and Backstagers, both from BOOM! Studios. Kylee reviewed Skybourne, also from BOOM! Studios, as well as the first issue of D4VEOCRACY from IDW Publishing. She also read Briggs Land, Harrow County, and Spell on Wheels from Dark Horse. Jackson read Deathstroke […]

The #NerdsRead Pull List – October 26, 2016

In a BOOM! Studios heavy week, Sam enjoyed the latest issue of Lumberjanes, as well as the special Giant Days holiday issue that can be read outside of the larger series. Kylee had less luck with her series, Skybourne and Lucas Stand both came up somewhat lacking for her. Jackson liked the latest issue […]

The #NerdsRead Pull List – September 7, 2016

It’s a big week for us at Nerdophiles. Sam read and enjoyed three series from BOOM! Studios, Giant Days, Goldie Vance, and The Woods. Kylee was less impressed by Skybourne #1 also from BOOM! Studios, but she’s still interested to see where the series is going. Jackson covered Daredevil #11 from Marvel Comics and tackled Supergirl #1 […]

Skybourne #1 Fails to Blast-Off, But Has Promise

Author: Frank Cho Artist: Frank Cho Release Date: September 7, 2016 Publisher: BOOM! Studios Genre(s): Thriller, Fantasy Rating: ★★★☆☆ Review Spoilers:  Mild What do you get when you mash together Indiana Jones, James Bond, and John Wick? Something incredibly awesome, what Skybourne strives to emulate, and ultimately a little bit of a letdown based on […]