It’s almost December which means it’s time to start seriously thinking about your 2023 calendar plans. Sure, a lot of people like to use the calendars on their phones but what about your kids? Kids love to have physical things that they can see and touch and it’s no different with calendars. But a lot of calendars are boring. Even calendars featuring their favorite characters can get old after a while.

So what can you do to keep calendars exciting?

Check out one of these activity calendars from Workman Publishing!

All three of these interactive calendars are sure to keep kids interested in their calendars – and subsequently in learning time management! Each calendar offers different information, games, challenges, and more for kids to keep them interested not just month to month but even day to day.

Kids Awesome Activity Calendar

If you aren’t familiar with Mike Lowery’s work you’re missing out. He’s a fantastic artist with a unique, sketchy style that really speaks to kids. He has released books on dinosaurs, space, and sharks. He’s illustrated books for other authors and released his own graphic novels. He’s also released a number of books for adults, too! Basically, he’s awesome – like his calendar.

The Kids Awesome Activity Calendar is an interactive calendar with a similar month-to-month format. Each month there is one large activity prompt on the top half of the calendar for kids to complete. They could be mad-lib style fill-in-the-blanks, mazes, drawing or coloring activities, or any number of other fun things. Then there are two to three other little mini-activities on the bottom mixed in with the days of the month. Your kids could be breaking codes one month and completing incomplete drawings the next. Each month is a new surprise!

The calendar comes with some fun stickers (also illustrated by Mike Lowery) to help them keep track of important days like birthdays, sleepovers, and field trips. It also lists the usual things that most calendars do like important holidays, daylight savings time changes, and more. Definitely an awesome calendar for awesome kids!

Magical Activity Calendar

I am a huge fan of anything Hello!Lucky so believe me when I say I am more than excited for Eunice Moyle and Sabrina Moyle’s Magical Activity Calendar! Their kids books and board books are amazing and if you haven’t gotten them for the kids in your lives I highly, HIGHLY recommend checking them out. It’s almost Christmas time and you’ll find some GREAT books for kids. Speaking of great Christmas presents – this calendar would make one, too!

So let’s talk about the Magical Activity Calendar. It is, as it states, pretty magical. Filled with fun drawings, fantastical characters, and more, the calendar is sure to keep kids glued to their calendars all year round! There’s a fun sea-based theme this year which continues throughout. Each month comes with one large activity on the upper half of the page as well as one or two additional activities down below mixed in with the days of the month. There are little drawings to color in on various days, too, if you’ve got a kid who loves coloring. Some of the activities involve a lot of effort from the kids but others are simply jokes or coloring pages. It various month to month.

One of the things that’s fun about this calendar is that in addition to major holidays and events it also includes some fun little reminders and “holidays” throughout the year. For example, in April there’s a “National Submarine Day” and in July there is “National Ice Cream Day.” Some great days for kids to remember! It also comes with fun stickers for important reminders or, you know, just because you want some stickers of cute sea creatures.

Audubon Kids Birding Activity Calendar

A bit more informational than the other two calendars, the Audubon Kids Birding Activity Calendar is no less exciting for the bird loving kiddos out there! I actually found it to be a lot of fun and there are some really cool activities and facts throughout. In fact, some of them are a lot more interactive and challenge kids to actually go and do things from observing birds to doing things around the house to make things safer for them.

The top half of each month features a different photograph of a bird along with some fun facts about them. Then the bottom half features the days of the week and some new facts or an activity for kids to do at home. Some examples of activities include making window decals to keep birds safe from running into them and making hummingbird nectar.

This is a particularly good pick for homeschool families who are looking for a way to make the usual lessons about days and months a bit more exciting. What’s more exciting than interactive activities and bird watching!?

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