Amara La Negra has made a name for herself in television, film, music, fashion, podcasting and so much more! But her best role and job to date is that of mom. During the inaugural Thee Media Mavens brunch created by Shanelle Genai, launched at Essence Festival 2022, and sponsored by VH1 & MTV, Nerdophiles had the pleasure of chatting with Ms. La Negra about family, faith, and the future!

On the deepened relationship with her mom since becoming a mother to her twin daughters, La Negra shared: “I want to apologize to mom for any anything I’ve ever done wrong because in addition to the physical aspect of carrying children but also the sacrifices, the sleepless nights, and being worried at all times. All those things I just started so, I can only imagine all the things that she has had to go through for me to be here. So I love my mother today more than ever. I’m so grateful for her. “

On how motherhood has changed her as a businesswoman, La Negra said: “I’ve always been very business-oriented. And I’ve always been a big believer in generational wealth. Before having my girls, I bought a house big enough for children. I’m always looking for ways to create and to create revenue because if something were to happen to me, I want to know that my babies are okay, so I’m more business-oriented now than ever.”

On what Black joy means to her, La Negra told us: “I am black joy. I am happy and especially happy with who I am. I am proud of the woman that I have become. I am proud to know that I empower other women, and blessed and joyful to know that I am opening doors and breaking barriers not only for just Black women but for Afro-Latinos as well. Black culture- our music, our sound, our food- everything that represents Blackness is joy to me.”

On how faith and how the Love & Hip Hop franchise opportunities have shifted her purpose and future goals, La Negra shared: “I think that God’s timing is perfect. God set up for me to be on this platform for a specific reason. And I’m grateful to Viacom and the Love & Hip Hop franchise. Every single person who has ever supported and who has planted a little seed into the growth of who I am, I am grateful for them. Even though all of the situations aren’t always the best, Love & Hip Hop gave me a platform to be seen and heard. While I don’t always want people to see that negative side of me, I also understand that I am in the entertainment industry, and it is a reality TV show. In TV, you don’t necessarily get to see the whole spectrum of situations, you oftentimes only get to see two edited minutes, but I am still grateful for such a big platform where people get to hear my thoughts on a variety of topics.”

On what’s next, La Negra said: “Okay, Part B of season four of Love & Hip Hop: Miami is on the way. I’m doing VH1 Family Reunion: Love & Hip Hop Edition now. I have my children’s book, I’m working on my cosmetic line and my workout clothes. I am shooting a movie in the Dominican Republic and I am a part of the iHeart family with my show Exactly Amara! So, I am very busy and there are a lot of great projects in the works.”

Be sure to catch Amara La Negra on VH1 when the newest season of Love & Hip Hop: Miami premieres on August 8th at 9 pm! You can also listen to her podcast Exactly Amara on iHeart, and follow her on social media @amaralanegraaln!

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