Before season four starts up, and Storybrooke is frozen, let us catch up on what happened last season. The quick and dirty version.


Neverland happened.

Henry was taken away by Pan, and the Charming Crew, plus Rumple, Regina and Hook, went to find him. Neal shows up there. Unresolved feelings from Rumple and Neal, Emma and Neal, Rumple and Pan, and Hook all by his lonely self. It was a hot mess of confessions, confusion, Pan being a dick, and no one trusting anyone.

Ariel became a Once character, and was brilliant. The whole Ariel/Belle friendship was just gold. They made the Neverland arc worth it.

After escaping from Neverland, Pan Freaky Friday’d with Henry just before getting back to Storybrooke. No one believed PanHenry at first, and then everyone decided to believe him. HenryPan goes and causes havoc around town. He finds a way to make the curse again which he intends to use to control everyone. But Rumple finds a way to switch Pan and Henry back into the right bodies.

Right before the curse happens, we find out that Pan really is Rumple’s dad. Super touching Rumple-Neal-Belle moment before Rumple kills himself and his dad. The curse – which will return everyone but Henry and Emma to the Enchanted Forest and erase Storybrooke from Earth entirely – happens but not before Regina rewrites  Emma and Henry’s memories so that they can remember a happy where they’ve always been together.  Basically, the longest arc ever. Wandering around in a jungle is only interesting for so long.

And now, the second half of the season.


Emma and Henry live in New York, like normal people. Hook shows up, badgers Emma until she drinks a remembering potion. Emma remembers everything about Storybrooke and who she is. Emma grabs Henry and tells him they are going to Storybrooke. She goes to break the news to her almost fiance, and finds out he was a flying monkey. Yeah. Awkward.

When they get back to Storybrooke they find everyone else is there and they remember everything except the past year. They know about a year passed because, surprise! Snow is pregnant and ready to pop.

Tons of bad stuff starts happening, Rumple is missing, Regina is blamed.

After a bit of super sleuthing by the Charming Crew, Regina is cleared and the Wicked Witch is found. She’s Regina’s half sister, and pissed she never got what Regina had due to her parents. Rumple is found. Neal comes back to life, and then dies again. Emma cries. Regina falls for Robin Hood. Charming Crew decides to bring Henry into the loop, shows him the book, and he’s back!

Regina and Emma team up to fight the Wicked Witch. Rumple is released from her clutches, helps defeat the Witch. During all this fighting, a new Charming enters the world, Emma deals with abandonment issues (again), and Henry is stoked to be an… uncle? Rumple gives Belle his knife, but not the real one, because you know he’s gotta have at least one secret. Rumple and Belle get married after which he decides to shank the Wicked Witch. A portal is accidentally opened into the past and Hook and Emma go back, screw things up, and then ultimately fix them under the aliases Prince Charles and Princess Leia. (Yes, Princess Leia. Because Disney owns Star Wars. Haha. We get it.)

Oh yeah, Emma messed up big time by bringing back Merian from the old Enchanted Forest instead of letting her die. She reunites with Robin which now makes two Charmings who screwed up Regina’s love life. Not like it’s the first love life Emma has ruined. She did almost screw up her own parent’s meeting, falling in love, and getting married. But, hey! Happy stuff happens when the Charming’s name the baby after Neal.

Then a crazy portal is opened and a bottle comes out. Out pops a “mysterious person with ice powers.”


Elsa comes out.


What do I expect for next season? Much more Rumbelle. Tons of it, now that they are married. I am fairly certain Emma and Hook will get together for real at some point, and Henry will be stoked to have a pirate as a step dad figure. Going to go ahead and guess that Elsa is pissed and out for revenge on Rumple because he did something to Anna and Kristoff. All I really want is more Regina redemption, Maleficent to come back, and Ariel to be more of a main character. Who doesn’t love sassy mermaids?!

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