Nerdophiles had the pleasure of chatting with the hilarious, talented, and kind actress Bresha Webb about the third installment in her Lifetime holiday film series, Merry Liddle Christmas Baby! Merry Liddle Christmas Baby finds the Liddle family gathering for the holidays again, but not without some good ole fashioned surprises. Webb reprises her role as the sassy, brilliant, and big-hearted Kiara Liddle, who will always do anything for her family, especially her sisters Jacquie (Kelly Rowland) and Treena (Latonya Williams). This time her career and her relationship are taking off, but not without an unexpected curveball to match!

In our interview, watch Bresha Webb talk about how she became a part of this fun Black holiday franchise, her new love of directing, how she relates to characters, what new traditions she’s incorporating from the Liddle family, and so much more!

See what the Liddle family is up to this year when Merry Liddle Christmas Baby airs on Lifetime, starting today!

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