Audiences know Sarah Wayne Callies from her TV roles in hit series like The Walking Dead and Prison Break. They may also know her as a director from being behind the camera on episodes of Colony (in which she also starred), Unspeakable and The Good Doctor. But her latest project Aftershock is the full range of Sarah’s incredible talents, all in one place.

The scripted podcast features Sarah as Cassie Wallace, who finds herself drawn toward a mysterious island which emerges off the California coast after a massive earthquake destroys Los Angeles. But she’s not just playing the main character; Sarah also co-created, wrote for, directed and produced the project!

It’s a chance for audiences to see sides of her talent that have never before been public, and to hear her portraying a new character who’s different from the likes of Lori Grimes and Sara Tancredi. If you’re a Sarah Wayne Callies fan, there’s no reason not to love this podcast.

Sarah recently spoke with Nerdophiles contributor Brittany Frederick on her TVBrittanyF Podcast about the making of Aftershock. Watch the video below to hear what it was like for her to take on so many different roles in this project, how writing creates a certain kind of vulnerability, and why she never intended on playing the role of Cassie Wallace.

Aftershock also stars David Harbour (Stranger Things), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Walking Dead), Rockmond Dunbar (Prison Break), and Tati Gabrielle (The 100). The first four episodes are available now on Apple Podcasts and wherever else you get your podcasts.

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