Nerdophiles had the pleasure of chatting with the wildly talented trio Leslie Grace, Melissa Barrera, and Gregory Diaz IV, about their upcoming blockbuster musical,  In the Heights! 

In the Heights follows Nina Rosario (Grace) as she heads back to Washington Heights following her time away at college. It’s the city, the neighborhood, and her friends/family that breathe new life in her and give her the courage to follow her heart. Sonny (Diaz) is the younger cousin of Usnavi (Anthony Ramos) who is a bit of a jokester but looks up to Usnavi and how he follows his dreams. Speaking of dreams, Usnavi has a crush on Vanessa (Barrera), who is an incredibly talented artist with so much life ahead of her! It is a beautiful musical display and celebration of Latinx culture, Washington Heights, and the American dream!

Watch our sit-down with Melissa Barrera, Gregory Diaz IV, and Leslie Grace as they talk about the importance of representation on and off-screen, and so much more!

In the Heights lights up theaters and streams on HBO Max on June 10th!

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