Nerdophiles had the pleasure of chatting with the multi-talented actors Kyla-Drew and Jamie Foxx about their brand-new Netflix show, Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!

The show follows Brian Dixon (Foxx) who has to change his bachelor ways and become a full-time father when his teenage daughter Sasha (Kyla-Drew) moves in with him following her mother’s death. Sasha forces Brian to grow up and change his ways in work and parenting, as they learn how to navigate this new dynamic in their relationship. 

Watch our sit-down with Kyla-Drew and Jamie Foxx about how their offscreen parent-child relationships impacted their onscreen choices, some of their most embarrassing moments, this In Living Color reunion, Black sitcom legacy, and so much more! 

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! streams Wednesday, April 14, 2021 on Netflix!

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