Who hasn’t been curious about the universe? Humans have stared up at the stars in the sky for generations, wondering what is going on up there. Thankfully, we have a show like How the Universe Works to help us figure it out. Returning for a ninth season on a journey through the cosmos, Mike Rowe returns as a narrator for the series.

The series combines interviews with scientists from around the world who are a part of organizations like NASA and CERN with CGI and visual effects, this series feeds the soul of the perpetual student and an audience that just wants to know more about our vast universe. How the Universe Works will be premiering next week, Wednesday, March 24th on the Science Channel and streaming on discovery+.

The new season will kick off with an episode about black holes and journeying to the supermassive black hole at the heart of the M87 galaxy, the only one ever known to be photographed. This is a massive black hole, named M87*, estimated to be six billion times more massive than the sun! The episode will features experts taking a deep dive into M87*, and the natural phenomenons associated with it before entering the black hole and traveling toward the Singularity, a place where the laws of physics fail.

Black holes, galaxies tearing each other apart, and the dangerous unpredictability of the Sun are just a few things that we can look forward to this season on How the Universe Works. Check out a teaser clip below with narrator Mike Rowe.

How the Universe Works arrives March 24 on Science Channel and discovery+

* Image courtesy of Science Channel

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