Ladies and gentlemen, we have our first full-length trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I. The promotion alone for this movie has been so incredibly creative and exciting, my personal favorites being the release of the Rebel Posters and propos from President Snow, including one where he’s flanked by a couple of victors.  If the promotion for this movie is any indication, Mockingjay Part I (in theaters November 21) is going to be AMAZING. Take a peek at the trailer:


Here is my official statement regarding the Mockingjay trailer:

Honestly, I’m not even sure if I have the emotional capacity to handle Mockinjay-era Peeta. Let’s move on quickly…

Speaking of things I can’t handle emotionally, can we just talk about the sad, pale, grey-clad Effie we caught a glimpse of? It’s kind of a punch in the gut to see her without her crazy hair, her flashy clothes, and that perky attitude we’ve come to love.

Mockingjay is certainly the most emotional book of the Hunger Games trilogy, and from the looks of the trailer, the movie won’t be straying far from that. Every single character has gone through incredible growth since Katniss and Peeta were first selected to participate in the Games, and we get to see the culmination of that growth in Mockingjay.

As someone who has read the books, I know what triumphs and tragedies await me in the two Mockingjay movies (like the silver parachutes…). Still, these movies are so wonderfully made that it makes me feel like I’m experiencing the story for the very first time, and I’ve been itching for Mockingjay to hit theaters since that final, awesomely frustrating cut to black at the end of Catching Fire. While I’ve been a bit unsure how I felt about Mockingjay being split into two movies, if Catching Fire is any indication, these movies are only getting better with age.

So, in conclusion, is it November 21 yet?!?

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