Nerdophiles was on hand to chat with Jahi Di’Allo Winston, star of the 2020 Sundance U.S. Dramatic Special Jury Prize Winner for Ensemble Acting, Charm City Kings. The story, adapted from the documentary 12 O’Clock Boys, follows Winston’s Mouse, as he navigates friendship, love, peer pressure, and biker boy aspirations. After the loss of his older brother, Mouse and his family try to manage their grief and figure out a new normal for their family. Mouse looks for validation and support in the local Baltimore biker gang that his brother was apart of, eventually developing a mentor/mentee relationship with street legend Blax, portrayed by film newcomer & rapper, Meek Mill. With veterinary career aspirations at the forefront of his heart, Mouse ends up with more than he bargained for, learning some tough lessons about life and loss in this moving coming-of-age drama. Watch our conversation with Jahi Di’Allo Winston about what his character Mouse teaches Blax, how he deals with self-forgiveness, and how he and Meek Mill developed their onscreen relationship.

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