Dungeons & Dragons has taken the geek world by storm the past few years. More people are flocking to tables and online platforms to tell stories and kill monsters. As a happy side-effect, people are coming out of the woodwork to expand the way people play. Dungeon Craft is an example.

Maps are a key part of playing D&D around a table. Yes, your characters and character sheets are important, too. But when you’ve wandered into a town and have to fight a giant, it is time to break out the grid. Countless moments are spent sketching out the scene your characters face, additions made as the battle rages.

Yet sometimes, players and Dungeon Masters alike are anxious to get to the actual fighting bit. Drawing a map becomes a roadblock to rolling dice. That’s where Dungeon Craft by 1985 Games comes in.

There are levels of D&D terrain. Some people make their own out of materials around their house. Some just use erasable maps and shapes. Others expand their Dwarven Forge collections to create hand painted 3-D maps for their players.

Folks like me, however, want to find something in between. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting white erase marker all over my hand as I pretend to be a city planner drawing a map. But if I had my way about it, I’d rather pull from pre-illustrated pieces that can be set up and arranged easily.

dungeon craft
Dungeon Craft example

That’s why I fell in love immediately with Dungeon Craft. Their book contains 1000+ pieces of flat terrain, perfect for dropping on a grid map. Similar in design to Roll20 tokens, Dungeon Craft has everything a DM and players need to stage an epic battle or dungeon crawl.

If you need trees, they’ve got them. Water? Done. Enemies? Loads!

This single volume has everything you need to enhance your tabletop gaming experience. If you’re a player, it makes a great gift for your DM. If you’re a DM, treat yourself! This neat little book is a great tool to have in your D&D toolbox.

Right now through Kickstarter you can get the book for only $30. This makes it endlessly more affordable than a lot of other terrain options out there. Supporters also have the chance to score cool swag like a custom aluminum d20 and a companion book.

Interested? Good. You should be. You’ve got a month to pledge, but sooner is always better than later. Check out their Kickstarter and lend your support to bring this book to life.

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