When you’re in college one of the hardest things to do is juggle coursework with other things you’re passionate about. The coursework gets in the way and sometimes you completely lose interest in your other passions and just want to finish school. But it is possible to juggle it all with dedication and the willingness to always follow your dreams without losing the will we all have. Recent California State University, Northridge undergraduate Kelcey Henderson was able to do it. With a heavy load of journalism and creative writing courses, she created a new web series called Full Circle.


Allison is the daughter of gang leader Big A. This web series follows her life as she tries to put her past behind her and start a family with her boyfriend Bryant.

The first two episodes are out and you can check them out below. The series directing, acting, and story line are all fantastic. The next episodes are sure to be quite exciting. The cast includes Sydnee Alexander, Larry Banks, Hope Blackstock, Kalani Kelly, and Roman Perkins. You can also head to their IMDb page to see more of who was involved in the making of the series.



What do you think of the web series? You can check out their YouTube page to stay up to date with more about the web series.  

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