We hung out at Flame Con today, which was my first time attending. While we did not go as press due to timing, we still had an absolute blast. 

For those of you unaware, Flame Con is the world’s “largest queer comic con” and a wonderful show to check out during convention season.

The good news is that anyone in and around New York City today can still buy Sunday passes and jump in on this can’t-miss event. Below, we’ve compiled five reasons why you should already be purchasing your Sunday badge. 

Flame Con is a comics and art lover’s dream.

Today I went around the sales floor more times than I care to admit. I was on a limited budget and had to whittle down my potential buys to only a select few items. Usually I avoid a convention sales floor except for a cursory glance, but Flame Con was different. 

There is something for everyone on the sales floor. You like comics? Check. Want to pick up some cute accessories? Check. Rather add to your enamel pin collection? Oh yeah, they’ve got those too. Throw in some stickers, commission potential, and even custom made fake fetuses in a jar (because why not?) and you’re finally starting to get a picture of what Flame Con has to offer. 

The panels are REALLY GOOD.

I had time for precisely two panels today and I already regret not booking time for more of them. There’s panels for every interest, but a lot of them come down to concepts around social justice, queer spaces, and what it means to be queer and involved in industry or fandom. 

Today I attended a panel about the importance of coping with compassion fatigue and an expert panel discussed how they’ve used video games to help get through hard days. As a social worker and a person who deals with compassion fatigue as a general rule, it was an insightful and warm panel. 

The party doesn’t stop.

It is amazing the kind of joy that naturally occurs when people feel safe, cherished, and excited. This is the part of the convention that is difficult to explain without encouraging you to go and take part. Everyone wanted to be there, everyone felt safe being there, and people expressed themselves in light of that. 

All of this made for a vibrant, energetic space where old friends and new embraced. I stood behind a new-professional who thanked a seasoned professional for being a part of the editing process for her graphic novel. I watched new relationships and connections form. Everything was so darn positive. 

Gamers, this one is for you too.

One of the other key components of Flame Con this year was the “Gay-mer Lounge”, which I did not get a chance to check out in detail but was delighted to see. From the schedule it looked like they were keeping that room just as busy as the panel rooms with gaming demonstrations, hangouts, and meet-ups. 

Outside of that, it looked like there were also games for friends to try out if they wanted to take a break from walking the convention floor. As someone falling deeper into the world of tabletop gaming, I was delighted to see a room solely dedicated to it. 

The guests are amazing.

For a smaller convention (that is quickly outgrowing its space, in my opinion), the talent line-up was surprisingly dense. There were a lot of big names in comics hanging out and easily accessible to fans both old and new. Each of the panels seemed to be thoughtfully crafted to provide an in-depth look at various facets of the industry. 

Also exciting was the intersection of the guests and panelists, at least for me. At one point I texted my editor marveling at how many social workers (or individuals doing social work) were present. Some do comics, some do Youtube videos, but it was interesting to see where the world of social work meets the world of geek. 

Though I’m painfully biased since that is kind of my thing. 

Alright folks, what are you waiting for? You can BUY TICKETS HERE for Sunday. That page will also list the other awesome events happening Sunday night. 

Go out, have fun, and let us know what you think!

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