As with the past two years at San Diego Comic-Con, the lot behind Petco Park (formerly known as Petco Lot) is back for more fun and activations. One of the more unique activation experiences comes in the form of Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger.

Participants can visit the church that Tandy lives in and get strapped into bungee harnesses to recreate the scene in which Tandy and Tyrone discover their powers for the first time. Visit the activation location with a friend as you embody the two titular characters of the show during their most pivotal moment. The experience definitely ranks as one of the more unique experiences you can have during an activation, but it requires a partner. Is it worth it? Definitely.

On top of the physical aspect of the activation, on the other side of the activation, you can sign up to be a Roxxon Corp employee and get a badge of your own from their research department. The QR code on badge gives you the opportunity to win everything from a sticker to a chair to a PlayStation. Fans can grab photos from the Roxxon rooftop neon sign from the show before walking away with their swag.

In an already packed lot of activations, the Cloak & Dagger activation, also spearheaded by Grandesign, sets itself apart and is definitely a worthy stop along the way in the Lexus Premiere Lot. 

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