One of the most anticipated releases for Dungeons & Dragons fan during San Diego Comic Con was none other than Death Saves, a clothing line headed up by Joe Manganiello. Fans of D&D gathered in front of BAIT in San Diego to get a first look at the t-shirts, jackets, enamel pins, and stickers available throughout the store. 

The man behind it himself, Joe Manganiello, put on his retail hat and stood behind the counter ringing up purchases. From 1pm – 3pm, fans could purchase items from the new line and shake hands with the mind behind Arkhan the Cruel. 

At the store were a few options for eager buyers. There were three versions of the classic Death Saves t-shirt, one with a red Death Saves logo on the front with the rules for rolling death saves on the back and the other a blue Death Saves logo with Death Knight art on the back. The third was a black Death Saves logo on yellow.

If those were a little too plain for you then you could pick up one of three San Diego Comic Con exclusives. One shirt bears the mark of a beholder, another a fantastic black on white design, and finally an exclusive Death Knight on yellow that’s bound to get some attention. 

There were a couple of jacket options too, along with a plethora of enamel pins and stickers. It created a space where anyone, regardless of budget, could walk away with something from the new line.

As fans made their purchases, Manganiello was a perfect gentleman and took time to talk, sign autographs, and take pictures. The energy at BAIT was one that can be found just about anywhere D&D fans gather: full of excitement, wonder, and camaraderie. 

Even though they had to cap the line just before 3pm because Joe had to leave, everyone waiting outside still got a chance to say hi as he made his way down the line. 

Death Saves as a brand brings out a darker, grittier side of D&D and is a reminder that this game we play is not without its dangers. Whether your party is facing a Death Knight or a Beholder, Death Saves will have you campaigning in style. 

If you missed the on ground San Diego drop never fear, you can keep your eyes on BAIT’s twitter account to catch the online release when it opens. 

Did you get any awesome Death Saves merch? Sound off in the comments.

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