It is wild to think that we are getting closer to New York Comic Con 2018, but we could not be more excited. Easily my favorite event of the year, New York Comic Con summons nerds and geeks to the Big Apple and hits them with four days of pure entertainment fury. We have had the privilege of attending the past four years and loved every minute of it, as I’m sure many of you have too. 

With that said, before we can dive into the fun we have to wade our way through the ticket buying process. Last year ReedPop introduced a new fan verification system similar to the one San Diego Comic-Con employs in order to cut down on scalping and better organize ticket sales. Fans who attended previous years as verified fans will get first shot at tickets during the NYCC presale before fan verification is opened back up to the general public. 

Now, the moment you have all been waiting for: a timeline of what is to come so you can gather your party and prepare for the wild world of badge buying. 

Wednesday, May 9th

Attendees who are fan verified and attended in either 2016 or 2017 will receive an e-mail this Wednesday to confirm their fan verificationYou must read the e-mail and follow the directions by May 30th to ensure that all of your information is up to date and confirmed.

Failure to do so could result in missing the pre-sale as your fan verification profile will be deleted and you will have to wait until Reedpop opens it back up to the general public. 

Sunday, June 10th

The convention gods have heard our prayers and are offering ticket buying on Sunday this year. We do not have the specific time of sale yet but previous years’ attendees who confirmed their fan verified profile will be able to jump into the badge presale and get a chance to snag passes before the general public. It is unclear how many passes are being set aside for the presale, but odds are probably in your favor of snagging what you need for you and your fan verified friends. 

Wednesday, June 13th – Sunday, July 8th

Fan verification opens to the public the Wednesday after presales are done. This means anyone who was not previously fan verified, lost their verification because they didn’t confirm it by May 30th, or otherwise had issues engaging with the presale can sign up and prepare for the general badge sale. Everyone has until Sunday, July 8th to get their fan verification profile figured out. If you miss this window, there are no guarantees that you will be able to purchase tickets. 

Sunday, July 15th

Later than it has been in previous years, the general badge sale will happen on Sunday, July 15th. This is where you can toss your hat in and hope for the best as you and the rest of the general public who did not attend in previous years make a wild grab for badges.

Good news, it has never been as intense as San Diego Comic Con and while the popular days might sell out there are usually some Thursday badges hanging around afterward. Bad news is that the general badge sale is happening the Sunday before San Diego Comic-Con for those who may also attend that convention, so plan accordingly.

Once again, this year there will not be any weekend passes sold. All sales will be single day passes

If you want the latest updates, make sure to follow New York Comic Con on Twitter, and follow Nerdophiles as well as we do our best to keep you informed leading up to, during, and after the ticket buying process. We have included the graphic below that ReedPop sent out summarizing the above information. 

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