Synopsis of 13×06: Dean found his big win as Team Free Will 2.0 reunites to battle a ghoul and play out their gunslinger ambitions. 

“Tombstone” is a non-linear episode that opens with Dean and a sheriff hunting a monster through a graveyard. The monster, which turns out to be a ghoul, grabs the sheriff through the ground, leaving Dean cursing his luck at having to chase them down a suspicious looking hole.

This episode jumps back to the Winchesters finding Castiel at a pay phone. Dean hugs Cas, and they have a sweet (for Dean and Cas) reunion. Sam asks Cas how he came back, to which Cas replied with (in my opinion the best line of the episode), “I was, then I annoyed an ancient cosmic being so much that he sent me back.”

The three of them figure out that Jack was responsible for opening the empty and resurrecting Cas. The boys introduce Cas to Jack, who has excitedly found a case of “zombies” and shows off his powers and talent to his “father” Castiel. Dean has renewed hope in “Team Freewill 2.0, ” and Team Freewill heads off to the Stampeded Motel.

Dean is as excited as a kid at Christmas to be surrounded by old cowboys. Cas and Jack awkwardly discuss Kelly and heaven, as Cas attempts to parse through what he should and shouldn’t tell Jack about heaven.

Team Freewill splits up, and Dean has decided to embrace being a “Texas Ranger” and forces Cas to wear a ridiculous hat as they interact with local law enforcement.

Sam and Jack find the cute and quirky undertaker, Athena, to inquire about the recent grave robbing. Jack and the Winchesters figure out that it was ghoul wearing the mask of Dave Mathers, one of the greatest gunslingers there was. Jack figures out that Athena and Dave were together and Team Freewill goes to find him.

Dave is robbing a bank, and Team Freewill attempt to stop him. Jack steps forward to use his powers and is shot multiple times, much to the horror of Cas. He uses his powers and knocks Dave down but accidentally kills a guard and is unable to handle the knowledge that he killed someone. Dean sends the other three home and decides to fight the ghoul on his own. Sam and Cas attempt to make Jack feel better, but have little luck in doing so.

This brings us back to the beginning scene where Dean and the sheriff meet up and hunt the ghoul together. Dean follows the hole back to the morgue where Athena is tied to a chair, and the sheriff is injured. He provides some pithy commentary as a distraction, and the sheriff shoots the ghoul’s head off with a shotgun. Afterwards, Dean tells the sheriff that Dave was responsible for the death of the guard.

Dean comes back to the bunker, where Jack announces that he is another monster because he killed someone. He comes to Jack’s defense and explains that no, he is not a monster, because if Jack is a monster for killing someone, then everyone in the room would be one too.

Jack, being distraught and stubborn, refuses to listen to what anyone says and decides that the only way to save Team Freewill from him, is to leave.

This episode had a lot of potential and elements to be both funny and filled with important moments. Instead, many of the scenes seemed to fall flat and were missing something. Additionally, there hasn’t been enough character development for Jack to make the audience care about him as they did with previous members of Team Freewill (remember Kevin? Charlie? We had multiple seasons with them), and many of his character struggles are struggles that have already been hashed out by our main trio.

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