There’s a new Doctor in town, so it’s pretty critical that you get your resident Whovian all of the Doctor Who gifts for the holidays. Regenerations are a difficult time for us all. You’re saying good-bye to a beloved character, and celebrating the introduction of a new person. It’s like graduating; it’s bittersweet and there will be tears. Gifts from our favorite tv show will be the only way to get us through this difficult time. 

Have I convinced you yet? Did it work? Because truly, you should be getting your friends Doctor Who gifts no matter what. This is basically my Christmas list for the year. And if you celebrate Hannukah, you can get 8 items off this list! All in preparation for the Doctor Who Christmas episode.


I need this right now! []

Obviously clothes are always a great gift. And Her Universe, Think Geek, and the BBC store have been killing the merchandise game for years.

As much as I loathe to buy from the place that defined my tweenage years (all the Tripp pants were mine!), I have to admit that the Hot Topic/Her Universe pairing is some of the best fan merch out there. I have that Tardis sweater and it’s one of my favorites!

And the Tenth Doctor Dresses are a Comic-Con mainstay. There are screwdrivers, enamel pins, back pack, and everything you could need to refurnish your Tardis. 

If Hot Topic is too corporate (totally understand), then head to Tee Fury. One of my favorite Doctor Who shirts came from there, and I can’t wait to get more. Tee Fury is also special because the artists who design the shirts actually can make some money. Who doesn’t want to support Karen Hallion and her fairy tale/Doctor Who mashups?  


Gotta add this one to my collection. []

Get your friends sonic screwdrivers! That’s all I need to say! Get the ornamental screwdrivers, keychain screwdrivers, sonic cutlery, baby rattle screwdrivers for that friend who just had a child, Sonic Screwdrivers that are actually TV Remotes! Go nuts!

The only trick to this gift is that you need to know who the recipient’s favorite Doctor is and which Sonic Screwdrivers they already have. For example, my boyfriend (who doesn’t watch the show), got me River Song’s screwdriver because he assumed I already had Ten’s screwdriver (aka “that guy you really like”). He was completely correct in his assumption and I’ve treasured it ever since.  

Books and other Media

Fish Fingers and Custard, please! [Chris and Rachael Oselan]

If your Whovian is pretty far down the rabbit hole, then maybe it’s time to look out for alternate media outside the TV show. Big Finish Audio is the go-to for all canon-stories. The audiobook productions are literally what kept the show going during the dark years (aka the time between Classic Who and New Who).

Big Finish not only keeps the stories going, they also bring in the actors from the show to provide voices. You can get a Captain Jack Harkness story that’s narrated by John Barrowman! I have a story narrated by Catherine Tate, aka Donna Noble. I highly recommend the stories about the Eighth Doctor, since the movie he starred in was basically kicked out of the canon. Truthfully, I love it. #GuiltyPleasure

There’s also Doctor Who novelizations and comic books from Titan! More and more stories to have! BBC America has a comprehensive list of the best books to get, and there are plenty to choose from. If you’re unsure and you just want to pick up some general material, maybe look at a Doctor Who Encyclopedia, or get something like a Doctor Who Cookbook, a coloring book, or a Where’s Waldo-style book for a wee little Whovian. (Psssst, boyfriend, if you’re reading this, please get me the cookbook!) 

Costumes and Accessories

Bowties are cool. [Etsy: UniqueChicBowtique]

While some of this can fall into the line of Clothing (see Hot Topic Tardis Dress), there are plenty of other costumes and accessories to surprise someone with. Just look at Etsy and you’ll find hundreds of Doctor Who bowties, fezes, fob watches, and more. Don’t even get me started on the Doctor Who Jewelry!  

But I would also recommend getting something a little more specific. Maybe some yellow suspenders to wear when Jodie Whitaker takes up the mantle. Or some red Converse in remembrance of Ten. Or if you’re feeling really outrageous, get a Missy Costume! Why get just a shirt, when you accessorize?

More, more, more!

Adorable. [BBC]

There’s always going to be more: mugs, tea pots, board games, bedding, Adipose stuffed dolls, etc, etc, etc. Hell, why not go all out and just get tickets to the next fan convention happening in your area!

In 2013, the year of the 50th Anniversary, I received two Doctor Who fleece blankets. TWO! Last year, I wrote a whole post about DIY Holiday Crafts and at least half of them were Doctor Who-related. And I haven’t even started on the vinyl pops! What I’m saying is that you really can’t go wrong with anything Whovian. So can I make a suggestion? 

Make a Gift Basket! 

Seriously, if I had the time/money this is what I would make for someone. Except I’m the biggest Whovian I know, so this is really a dream present for me. (I’m also a Slytherin, so I feel no shame in making these gifts all about me. Mom, are you reading this? Hint hint!) 

Ok, here’s what you do: get a Tardis container, like this trashcan or this basket. Decide on a theme and fill that sucker up! Is your theme Twelve, so you can give Capaldi the proper send-off he deserves? Great! Fill it with these ornaments, these posters, and these sunglasses. Oh, and his screwdriver, obviously. Customize to the Doctor of your choice.

If you’re making one for the upcoming lady doctor, get the suspenders, and maybe the box set for Broadchurch and a DVD of Attack The Block. That way you’re all sufficiently prepared for Jodie to take over.

Make it a Classic Basket, a Tardis Basket, or a Companion Basket complete with a K-9 stuffed animal. Don’t forget the DVD Box Sets of each season because that’s really why we’re all here. 


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