Synopsis of 02×04: Tahani tries to impress the others by throwing a dinner party; Eleanor and Jason lend a hand when things don’t go as planned. 

Previously on The Good Place Eleanor and the others decided to partner with Michael to trick Vicki into believing that she is torturing them. Things aren’t as simple as they might’ve hoped. Especially for Michael as he has to learn what it means to be human before he can start his ethics training and learn to become a better person… or shall I say become a better demon?

Vicki meets with Michael in his former office with her feet up on the desk with two guys, Winston and Gunner by her side. She gets Michael to agree that, so far, things have been running pretty smoothly under her control. He does (but not really), and provides her with a list of torture ideas that she requested. But Vicki and her goons have already come up with an idea to torture Tahani and Jason. They want her to throw a birthday party for Gunner, while they secretly throw one of their own that will be way better in order to torture her.

Michael reports back to Tahani and Jason that they have been tasked with throwing a party. Jason doesn’t think it’s so bad. Michael mentions how basic the ‘Millennials’ ideas are (ha, that’s what the world really thinks anyway, isn’t it?). The term passes right over their heads and Michael explains that it means they have been torturing for the last millennia hence the term millennials.

With Tahani and Jason up first to be tortured, that leaves Eleanor and Michael as Chidi’s students. Chidi can’t seem to get through to Michael and Eleanor is loving that she’s the top student in class. She and Chidi talk about ways to help Michael understand what it means to be human. Chidi succeeds by asking Michael if demons can die. When Michael realizes that he can die, he connects with his emotions and begins to understand. 

Meanwhile, Tahani tries to throw the best dinner party ever even though she knows that Vicki is trying to torture her. Tahani calls on Janet and recites a vow of her being the best party planner ever. She gets Janet to help her plan what Tahani considers the most elaborate dinner party ever. All the while, Jason stands by and encourages Tahani through it all (how cute). 

Michael doesn’t snapback from his emotional plunge as quickly as Chidi and Eleanor thought he would. They decide they still must go to the party to keep their cover and they will just have to babysit Michael. Once they get to the party, Tahani is actually devastated to see that she has been outdone by Vicki. Eleanor tells everyone to pretend they are having a bad time. 

That’s easy for Tahani because she actually is unhappy. Eleanor gives Michael a pep talk and tells him to pretend that he’s okay to get through the party. She takes her eyes off of him for a second and Michael disappears and returns with a jazzed up Janet. 

He actually does a great job pretending. The only problem is he’s not pretending to be the normal Michael that everyone knows. He’s more livelier. Eleanor gets worried when he takes the stage after Vicki, but he manages to convince Vicki that he’s happy she’s in charge because she’s so good at it. 

Tahani leaves the party. Jason finds her and brings her food and reminds her how great she is. Meanwhile, Michael and Janet meet up with Eleanor and Chidi after the party to figure things out. Chidi doesn’t think a book will help fix Michael. So surprisingly, Eleanor gives Michael advice and tells him it’s ok to breakdown and cry, and it works!

Michael actually thanks Eleanor for pulling him out of his funk. Chidi would like to move class along and discuss a book called Death. Eleanor calls it a beach read and asks if they should wait for Tahani and Jason, and wonders where they are… 

Turns out Tahani and Jason had sex after the party and woke up in the same bed. Tahani tries to brush off Jason, but it tells her how great they were together and opts to make her breakfast. She agrees and ends up with a smile on her face. 

Could it be that Tahani and Jason are about to be a thing? What about Jason and Janet? I know so weird, but I liked them together! 

The show is definitely taking a different spin on things and I can’t wait to see what happens next. I hope Chidi finds out that Eleanor said she loves him and that he loves her. But I guess I’ll have to wait until further in the season for that! Until next time.

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