Never a show to do anything half-cocked, Gotham is back and it’s not holding anything back for season four. On top of our caped crusader taking fighting crime into his own hands, the subtitle of this arc of Gotham‘s story is a none-too-subtle “A Dark Knight.”

We caught up with the stars back during San Diego Comic-Con this year to talk about their characters’ involvement in this season. Ben McKenzie, who plays a Jim Gordon that gets more and more jaded as the seasons of this show progress, describes Gotham as a city where crime now gets free reign. It’s an even more corrupt Gotham and it’s being pushed to its ethical limits now that it’s in the hands of the Penguin. 

We chatted with Sean Pertwee, who plays our favorite hardened butler Alfred Pennyworth, about Alfred’s relationship with Bruce and working with the younger actors on set. While Camren Bicondova (“Selina Kyle”) and Jessica Lucas (“Tabitha Galavan”) chatted about developing a sisterhood, one that might have its bumps in the road now that a new Barbara, played by Erin Richards, is seen on the horizon with training from Ra’s al Ghul.

Finally, the constant push and pull of the Gotham crime circuit seems to have the Penguin back on top. Robin Lord Taylor (“Oswald Cobblepot”) and Cory Michael Smith (“Edward Nygma”) talked about the Penguin vs the Riddler, while Taylor emphasized the fact that the Penguin never learns because of the fault of his hubris. The season four Penguin is back to being King of Gotham, only bigger with even more connections and even more power. 

Check out all of our conversations with the cast and make sure to catch Gotham Thursdays on FOX.

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