Synopsis 03×06: We learned why Abigail hates her brother so much, Clementine gets saved from being auctioned off, and the team gets one step closer to unveiling the bigger picture. I wonder where I can get adopt a pair of razorbacks because underneath the killing they’re pretty cute. 

After collapsing in the woods last week, a pair of razorback doggos dragged Abigail back to the safety of her compound and the shepherd remnant that have been working with her. They dropped her into a stasis tank to try and save her, giving her time to heal from the gunshot wound gift that Logan gave her. 

In a creepy turn of events, the auction for Clementine began as men from various countries bid an insane amount of money to own her and her child. It turned out she thought she had been taken to a hospital but in reality she was being watched through one-way glass as the bidders staked their claim. 

Jackson and Tessa, still in Mexico dealing with the Abendigo’s protectors, managed to turn the situation in their favor when Jackson summoned lions with his mind and had them attack the threat. They took cover and decided they would hook the trailer up to the truck and make a run for it because the new hybrid could be an important part of saving humanity. 

Mitch finally showed up to save Clementine though they were eventually cornered by a lot of men with guns ordered not to hurt her. Turning the tables, Clementine took Mitch’s gun and held it to her belly, threatening to kill “humanity’s last hope” if they did not drop their weapons. Even the bad guys in this scenario seemed to realize that she had a point and they eventually dropped their weapons to allow Mitch and Clem to escape. 

While Abigail was in stasis, the audience was treated to some flashbacks in order to contextualize her hatred of Jackson. She was doing research at the Pangea substation with the Shepherds when her father showed up with the team, as we saw last season. At the time she was doing research on blue diaspora, the hybrid program that had been initially discontinued thanks to another way to save the animals. 

Convinced that they would eventually face the same crisis again, she continued the hybrid project in order to create animals that would be resistant to disease. They would be able to fill in the holes left by a mass extinction and allow the world to continue. 

Jamie and Logan pieced together the events leading up to Leanne’s death to try and clear Jamie’s name. Thanks to the lens she was wearing, they had video of Abigail coming in and telling Leanne that “they” did not need her anymore because they had the pills that would play a part in curing sterility. She shot her dead. 

Back on the plane, Abe told Jackson he believed that Clem’s baby plus hybrid stem cells could be the solution to humanity’s sterility problem. They would just need the DNA of all six new hybrid species in order to do it. Cue a repeat of season two’s quest to Collect The Animals. Hopefully this time they don’t have to find a sabertoothed cat. 

Jackson and Tessa had a touching moment together about his messed up childhood and the fact his father conducted genetic experiments on him, as you do. He thinks his bloodline is cursed. This tied into one of Abigail’s flashbacks of talking to her dad before the gas launch last season. She was working on blue diaspora against her father’s orders and had used her own human DNA to try and control the hybrids. It worked, and from her experiments the Abendigo hybrid was created

It would seem that Abigail is to hybrids as Jackson is to animals. What a fun family.

Jamie filled Logan in on a mysterious Mr. Duncan who was working with Abigail. They had potential video but had to run it through software to clear it up so they’d have a head shot. The government raided Reiden’s children’s facility and found all the kids were gone, which was understandably upsetting to Dariela. 

Another Abigail flashback showed us why she hates Jackson so much. Her father tricked her into putting distance between them so he could sacrifice himself to save Jackson’s life. Under orders, the Shepherds kept her from interfering and she watched her father die on security cameras. 

Clem and Mitch made it back to the plane and had some words with Dariela about setting Clem up to be kidnapped. Clem didn’t hold it against her though because they are both mothers and she would have done the same thing. In my opinion it is still pretty messed up. 

Jackson had a romantic moment with Tessa before he sent her away to protect her and Mitch, pawing around the cargo hold, saw Abendigos. It activated the chip in his head and he had a seizure and passed out, only to be found later by Jamie and Logan. Jamie insisted Mitch rest and gave him a tablet to help him catch up on the ten years of scientific advancements he had missed because they would need his help moving forward. In the corner was the video being decoded to reveal the infamous Mr. Duncan. 

A continuation of the previous flashback showed Abigail getting to Mitch and chasing the hybrids away from him, dragging him to safety. The video finally finished decoding and revealed that Mitch is Mr. Duncan and is going to have a lot of explaining to do. 

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