Synopsis of 03×09: The Blink drive self activates during a diagnostic test; the Raza and its crew are transported through space and time. 

This season of Dark Matter has been on fire; each episode just gets better and better. After the Raza crew defeated Ryo in the last episode, the crew felt like they needed to get the blink drive running. Five and Android think they have finally fixed it. When they run a diagnostic to confirm if the blink drive works, a pulse runs through the ship knocking the crew unconscious. Everyone wakes up and appears to be fine, memories in tact and all, phew.

Android runs a scan and discovers that the crew actually traveled 600 years into the past. The crew is freaked out except for Android, whom appears to be intrigued by the situation. Low on supplies, Two tells Android to locate a place where they can pick up supplies. The only place they can get supplies is on Earth. 

The crew is nervous about going to Earth considering how far behind the planet is in technology and everything else. But when the Android picks up signs that another blink drive is on earth, the crew decides they need to go to earth and retrieve it so they can make it back to the present.

The crew can’t go to Earth as themselves so Android creates new identities for the crew. Complete with a house, bank account, and a car, the crew takes on their undercover identities and set out to search for the blink drive. But first, an earthly visit from their neighbors; who invite the crew to a party.

As per usual the crew thinks it’s a bad idea to attend a party, but Android thinks it’s the perfect opportunity to search for the drive. Two agrees, attending the party will help speed up the search for the blink drive. Android sends the crew to buy supplies they’ll need for the house like tissue, and ingredients to bake cookies. While the crew is out purchasing everything, Android gives each group a device to track the blink drive. 

Two admits that she kind of likes it on earth. She and Three run into a man with a dog and Two beams with happiness, petting the dog and telling Three they should get one. Obviously they don’t get a dog, but it would be a game changer for the Raza to have a pet! Three confesses to Two that he misses seeing her happy. He also tells her that even though she’s in charge, they are a team and she doesn’t have to carry the weight alone. Back at the house they discuss their findings, which turn out to be nothing. So the party is their biggest hope of tracking down the blink drive. 

The crew heads over to the party and begin to mingle. They try really hard to blend in, but end up being a bit awkward mentioning things, like Android telling a group of woman what happens on the season finale of a show that hasn’t yet aired.

Two and Three startle a professor when their neighbor tries to make introductions. Three and Two let the rest of the crew know what happened with the professor. They think the professor might be from the future. Android leaves the party and heads to the Marauder to search the database to see if she can confirm who the professor is. The neighbor’s son and his friends follow Android to the ship and snap a photo of the Marauder. 

Android reports back to the crew at the party letting them know she didn’t find anything on the professor. Two and Three opt to sneak into the professor’s house; Five plays video games with the neighbor’s son, Jake, who turns out to like her. Three and Two discover the blink drive in the professor’s basement. When they try to retrieve it they are shocked and end up unconscious. 

Meanwhile, Android informs Six and Five that the Marauder’s alert system went off. It could be nothing but Six volunteers to check it out just in case. Android keeps trying to reach Two and Three on comms but they aren’t responding. With everything going on, the crew didn’t notice the professor slip out of the party. 

The professor has Two and Three tied up in the basement and confirms that he is in fact from the future. He downloaded the GA database and scrubbed his identity before he left. But that’s not all, he also helped create the blink drive and put a recall program secretly on the device to bring it back to him so he could destroy it. Two and Three explain how they ended up on earth and how they need his blink drive to get back. The professor isn’t so willing to give it up though. 

Six reaches the Marauder and everything seems fine; until the police pop out and arrest him. With Six arrested, Android and Five set out to find Two and Three so they can rescue Six. They arrive at the professor’s house and save Two and Three just in time.

The Marauder’s compromised and Six is in police custody so the crew try to figure out a plan to get away safely. Five comes up with a plan to send her back in time to set a trap for the police and feds when they near the Marauder. She succeeds and meets up with Two, Three, Android and the professor back in the basement. The professor willingly gives up the blink drive to the crew. They make it to the police station and free Six. 

The crew takes off to get back to the Marauder so they can get back to the Raza and jump back to the future. But, before they go, Jake shows up with his friends and surprisingly asks Five to take him with them. She of course says no; Jake then gives her a gift, the video game they were playing together. In return, Five kisses him and says goodbye. 

Back in the present, Android runs a scan to see if they’ve altered anything in the universe. History appears to be right on track, though the crew realizes they inspired Jake’s granddaughter to invent the FTL (Faster Than Light) travel. Two decides the blink drive is too dangerous to use considering the recall feature and thinks the crew should only use it for emergencies. The crew resumes their routines; Two and Five play video games, everyone’s happy. 

But Ryo’s up to something as he meets with Cammander Neiman and two of the Raza’s enemies: Portia and Boone. There can only be big trouble coming if all four of them are on the same team. That’s not the only trouble brewing! Android receives a transmission from Victor, who is the android responsible for giving her the upgrade. Victor’s in trouble and needs Android’s help. 

Things are really heating up for the crew! What does Ryo and his new allies have in store for the Raza? Will Android be able to convince the crew to help her friends? I can’t wait to find out what happens next time on Dark Matter. 

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