Synopsis of 03×07: Kirsten becomes stuck inside an autistic man with unique empathetic abilities; she must confront her emotions about her relationship with Cameron and unlock a memory in the victim’s mind to bounce back to reality. 

On the last episode of Stitchers there was a lot going on for each of the characters. Kirsten and Cameron still weren’t on good terms; Ivy and Linus made things official, and Camille was still trying to mend things between her and Amanda. The writers took a different approach this time around focusing on just team Camsten (Cameron + Kirsten) and it was actually not a bad idea!

The episode opens with Kirsten bouncing from a stitch only to find the lab completely deserted. She does stumble upon an unconscious Cameron on the floor and slaps him awake. The monitors are filled with static. There’s a hot coffee mug that’s been left on the counter. Letting Cameron and Kirsten know that the team must have left in a hurry. The landline is dead so Kirsten uses her cell to call Camille and it goes straight to voicemail. 

Things are a bit bizarre as they leave the lab and suddenly end up at Kirsten’s home. The same mug from the lab is on the kitchen counter and is also hot, indicating that Camille must’ve left in a hurry. Kirsten checks Camille’s room to be sure and discovers she’s not there. Cameron gets through to the NSA and they say not to worry that “mother” is watching out for them. What does that even mean? Kirsten thinks Stinger might be messing with her, so even though she and Cameron are still on rocky terms she decides they should stick together.

Cameron cooks penne pasta and they prepare to have dinner. Kirsten and Cameron still don’t remember anything before waking up in the lab. She asks Cameron about his mother and he admits he didn’t have the strongest relationship with her. He also reveals that her boyfriend really didn’t like him and he tried to send him away for school. Kirsten lays a hand on Cameron’s and before they get too close she pulls it back and opts to skip dinner and offers up Camille’s room as a place for him to sleep.

On her way to her room Kirsten notices a weird woman spying on them and  freaks out. Cameron checks the perimeter and doesn’t find anything. Still spooked, Kirsten asks Cameron to sleep in her room with her because she’s afraid. While lying in bed she gets him to tell her random facts about herself until he falls asleep. When she wakes up in the morning and finds he disappeared from bed she jumps up shouting his name and crashes into Cameron as he comes rushing out of the kitchen with drinks. 

Camille still hasn’t made her way home; Kirsten’s tired of waiting so they head back to the lab. Kirsten notices the same cup of coffee again. She picks it up and finds it’s still warm and discover there’s a key inside that says euro on the keychain, but they have no idea what it unlocks. Kirsten also notices the monitors appear to have a face hidden behind the static; Cameron gets to work on trying to fix them.

Meanwhile, Kirsten checks out the rest of the lab to see if anything else is out of place. Everything appears to be in order until she finds a puzzle piece in Cameron’s locker. Then suddenly all of the lights in the lab go out. Cameron uses a light pattern to show the images on the monitors  that leads them to the stitching tank. The tank contains a black puzzle missing one piece.

Kirsten takes off her clothes in front of Cameron, climbs into the tank and completes the puzzle. She then asks Cameron to decipher what it means. Cameron lies under the tank and discovers the puzzle is of a house with an address with the garage door circled.

The two somehow end up at the house and find an old car. Kirsten figures out that the key she found actually said “Ford” and fits it into the ignition. They search the car and Cameron stumbles upon a rubik’s cube; Kirsten starts the car and the exhaust begins to fill the room. The garage door appears to be locked from the outside. Cameron is about to pass out but thanks to Kirsten he gets up and they use their weight to knock the door down. 

The duo somehow end up at Camron’s house. Kirsten is just about to shower when Cameron realizes the rubik’s cube is a clue. He walks in on Kirsten while she’s half naked to fill her in and she yells at him for almost seeing her naked and tells him things are not okay between them no matter how confusing the last couple of days have been. Surprisingly, Cameron isn’t bothered by what she just said so something is definitely up with him!

They magically end up back at the lab. Cameron decides he would prefer to work alone. Kirsten searches the database to confirm they aren’t working a case; she discovers that they are currently working a stitch for an autistic suicide victim named Tom.

He was an empath so she believes she’s experiencing his memories through her emotions. To prove her theory she thinks Cameron is not real. Cameron mocks her theory and pulls out a gun taunting Kirsten to just shoot him. In the end she can’t bring herself to do it. She realizes that she loves Cameron and wouldn’t want to see him hurt and doesn’t want to be responsible for hurting him. 

Here’s the kicker though, when Kirsten goes to give the gun back to Cameron it goes off. He ends up dead and while Kirsten is crying the body disappears. Turns out our leading lady was right! She is in a stitch, but she still can’t figure out who murdered Tom. On the verge of giving up Kirsten is just about to bounce from the stitch when all of her past stitches appear.

She sees Ed and he convinces her to stay and says she has to speak for Tom like she did for all the others. Kirsten takes a look around the lab and stares at the monitors; she realizes that the monitors are huge puzzle pieces so she begins to rearrange them until she can make out a face. She bounces from the stitch and is relieved to see the entire team and reveals who Tom’s killer is. 

While Fisher goes off to arrest Tom’s killer (who turned out to be his mother’s boyfriend), Kirsten talks to Cameron and claims he must’ve been so worried about her. Cameron looks confused and tells her she was only in the stitch for 3 seconds. Kirsten looks at the clock and turns back to Cameron to apologize and kisses him. I guess she and Tom both helped each other in more ways than anyone will ever know. 

This episode was just what I needed to keep me engaged in the show! I’m looking forward to what happens next. What did you think of the show? Leave your thoughts below. 

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