Synopsis of 01×03: Kat finds herself the victim of internet trolling when she stands up for gender equality; Sutton finds her dream job but worries she doesn’t have what it takes to make it work; Jane pursues a story about a congresswoman. 

The Bold Type returned this time with a female voiceover as the show began… Gotta say, I most definitely was not a fan of that. It seemed weird to hear what was clearly Joanna Coles’ voice recapping the previous episodes. Normally, a person from the show (usually the main character) recaps the show for viewers. I was expecting to hear Jane’s voice but instead I was caught off guard by Coles’. Most people probably didn’t notice, or maybe you did, but to me it didn’t feel authentic and I won’t lie, I almost changed the channel (shhhh, don’t worry I didn’t!). 

Jane is still beaming from her truth revealing article about not ever experiencing an orgasm. She’s sitting down enjoying her morning coffee when she sees Ryan, the editor from Pinstripe she kissed the other night before running off to write said article. Ryan programs his number into Jane’s phone and walks away. While she’s feeling bold, Jane calls him and sets up a date for drinks at his place after work. Way to go Jane!  

Kat has a brilliant idea to present to the board members that the Editor in Chief Jacqueline just signed off on. She’s kicking butt and knocking down doors to make a name for herself by partnering with a virtual reality company for Scarlet.

Except, right after Jacqueline leaves the room, one of the female interns gets sick and pukes in Kat’s bag. But that’s not the worse part! Kat talks to the company and discovers the product effects women when they are menstruating, making the company behind the product seem sexist. Kat writes an article calling out the company for being misogynistic, shares the information on social media through her personal Twitter account, and suffers the backlash from internet trolls. 

Sutton officially turned down the ad sales job and is contemplating her next move to get her into her fashion dream job. After discovering there’s a fashion assistant position opening Sutton asks Lauren if she could put in a good word for her. Lauren doesn’t feel so inclined to do so though.

During a meeting Sutton learns that a fashion designer pulled out of Scarlet’s fundraiser for Planned Parenthood and Oliver, who manages the fashion department, is scrambling to make it work. Sutton takes the opportunity to reach out to him to assist hoping to up her chances of landing the job. Sutton cancels dinner with Richard and surprisingly, he shows up to Scarlet with breadsticks and totally supports her ambition to land the fashion assistant job! Way to go Sutton, he’s a keeper and I so hope they make things last! 

Jane tries to land an impromptu interview with a congresswoman. She  is ignored at first because she works for Scarlet but she manages to finagle her way into landing an interview with her but barely gets to ask her anything of substance.  

The internet trolls have gone too far releasing a topless photo of Kat on Twitter causing her to bomb her presentation and walk out on the board. Jacqueline questions Kat’s actions and Kat reveals everything that’s been happening. Jacqueline reschedules the meeting with the board and tells Kat she will get through this. It’s so cool to see Jacqueline be in the corner for these young women as they grow in their careers.

Thanks to Sutton, Jane finds a political peg for her fashion article on the congresswoman. Kat stands up to social media bullying in the best way. She records a video encouraging people to show kindness online. Sutton has a heart to heart with her boss, Lauren and they devise a plan to get her that fashion assistant job (finally!).

Once again another great episode with real life issues women face weaved throughout! I’m looking forward to the next episode and I hope you are too! 

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