Synopsis of 03×06: A jet propulsion lab engineer ends up dead. Relationships are mended for some, while others are still being decided. Maggie reveals a secret.

This episode was not the greatest. Kirsten and Camille make up (how cute, right?) but are still not feeling great about everything else going on. Linus and Cameron discuss their women issues like real men do: while playing video games. 

Jake Rowland, a professional “gremlin” (someone who sabotages projects to locate weaknesses) who was employed by Aero Velocity Research was found dead at one of their labs that looks like Mars. He was shot and then dragged himself to the Mars looking set filled with sand. It’s up to the stitchers team to figure out why he was killed and the secret message he left behind written in the sand. 

Linus builds up enough courage to pay Ivy a visit to figure out what’s really going on between them. I think she should break up with Linus, and we all know why she should stay away (ding, ding, ding, you guessed it, Stinger!) but she can’t bring herself to do it. Instead she walks over and kisses him. 

Things are still rocky between Kirsten and Cameron, so naturally Kirsten asks Fisher to accompany her to the Aero Velocity Research lab to investigate the crime scene. Cameron looks hurt, but doesn’t put up a fight and lets Kirsten leave with Fisher.

At the lab they discover that Jake’s final sabotage has set one of the company’s satellites off course and they only have 48 hours to fix it. The team then question Jake’s co-worker, Kenny Lee, who is hard at work trying to fix what Jake and not being very helpful with his answers. Kirsten offers up help from the NSA so they can save their satellite. Kenny refuses the help, but his boss welcomes it. Linus and Camille arrive at Aero to help Kenny fix the satellite, but before they get to work Kenny and Linus have a serious geek off and Camille is not interested in a geek pissing contest. 

Meanwhile, Linus invites Ivy to Aero so they can meet up and eat together. Maggie tells Fisher that she hired a PI to spy on Ivy and reveals that Ivy has been in contact with Stinger. Fisher sets out to bring Ivy in to question her. 

Kirsten stitches into Jake’s memories and learns that he belonged to an underground gaming circuit. Kirsten wants to investigate and tries to get anyone else but Cameron to go with her; but because he’s basically an all-star gamer she has no choice but to let him tag along. Once they arrive, Kirsten checks out things alone because Cameron is too mesmerized by the game and gamers.

Kirsten recognizes two people from the stitch and tells Cameron to keep an eye on them while she looks around. She discovers that the underground circuit is generating tens of thousands of dollars a night and want to get back to the team to let them know ASAP. However, Cameron wants to stay behind and ends up meeting Zelda (the girl from Jake’s memory), who is a gamer and convinces him to play; he wins and ends up getting slugged by the other player who accuses him of cheating. In the end he’s fine aside from a bruised cheek. Zelda convinces him to come back and play. 

Fisher and Maggie interrogate Ivy; she denies everything at first, but when Maggie displays photos of her and Stinger together, Ivy cracks and pleads the truth. The question is do Maggie and Fisher believer her?

Kirsten stitches into Jake’s memories again and learns that Kenny was actually his lover. Aero Velocity has a strict no dating policy, which explains Kenny’s behavior when they questioned him. She also discovers that Jake crawled to the Mars set in the lab and tried to write something in the sand but according to the crime scene the message was covered by his blood.

Camille reaches out to Amanda and she meets her and Linus at Aero to roll back the sands of time to see what message Jake left behind. Amanda gets to work and reveals that Jake wrote a secret pattern. Camille thanks her for helping them and tries to connect with her again, but Amanda isn’t having it and I don’t blame her! 

Cameron and Kirsten still aren’t on good terms and this time they are fighting over whether or not Zelda killed Jake. I still don’t understand why Cameron would take up for someone he just met, I mean isn’t everyone suspicious when it comes to murder? Especially if you don’t know them? In order to prove Kirsten wrong, Cameron decides to go back to the underground gaming circuit. Zelda flirts with him a bit and swipes his wallet and finds out he’s with NSA and now he’s in definitely in danger. 

The rest of the team learn that Jake created the game Warzone that’s played at the underground circuit thanks to a video he recorded. If Cameron can make it to the last level and beat the game they can discover who Jake’s killer really is. Cameron’s playing against Zelda and she’s kicking his butt, so he begs her to let him win and explains why.

She let’s the computer take over to give Cameron a chance to win, but it doesn’t work so she takes over and they manage to win. Kirsten enters the pattern that Jake wrote in the sand and reveals that Rick DelToro (the promoter of the circuit) was blackmailing Jake to rig the game and is responsible for his death.

Fisher arrests Rick; Cameron gets a kiss on the cheek from Zelda, and Kirsten gives him attitude about it from afar. Cameron can’t take it anymore and walks up to Kirsten and tells her he wants things to work. But will Kirsten ever forgive him for giving up the one thing she’s been eager to find her entire life? 

Though this wasn’t one of my favorite episodes, I did enjoy seeing the team outside of the lab more often. Watching the highs and lows of the teams relationships was also interesting. I wonder what the show will come up with next!

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