Synopsis of 2×06: Why is this show so amazing? ‘Whiskey Lullaby’ is the best and most emotional episode ever and I don’t want to spoil anything. But let’s just say Wynonna’s pregnancy doesn’t stay a secret for very long after a time manipulating demon inadvertently speeds things along for her. And I know we keep saying it but it’s true: it changes everything.

While Black Badge might be gone, the newest episode kicks off with Doc and Dolls meeting with a Black Badge operative in a back alley. They learn that Wynonna’s team has been cut off entirely. Black Badge has moved out of the Ghost River Triangle all together – leaving everyone to basically fend for themselves and possibly die. The last thing this operative gives them is a file featuring the ghostly specter that haunted Wynonna back in the second episode of the season.

We then see her murder a priest… and then eat him.

Yup, this is an episode of Wynonna Earp. Some things may be about to change after the last episode’s shocking revelation, but demons eating priests? We’ve still got that going for us! 

To be fair, Wynonna is doing okay with the whole revelation that she’s pregnant. And by ‘doing okay’ I mean she’s not really facing the facts at the beginning of the episode. Despite Waverly telling her she can’t just “NOPE” her way out of this, that seems to be her goal. Which, I can’t really blame her for because it’s one hell of a revelation. Especially when you find out through your sister after being possessed by a demon.

With everything that’s going on, she’s just not ready to deal. And I get that. I mean, she just found out her maybe someday boyfriend/crush Dolls is possibly – as she says – “a tiny, super sexy dragon.” Of course she has a terrible poker face and when she first sees Haught she damn near lets the cat out of the bag immediately. And then she proceeds to do the same thing with Jeremy and then Dolls…

Anyway, the team gets together to try and stop the crazy, evil specter intent on murdering priests. And they do so even despite the fact that they are no longer employed, no one is paying them anything.

One big change now that Black Badge is gone: Dolls isn’t really Wynonna’s boss any more. And he clearly seems to want to get closer. They meet up at a diner to talk about something ‘personal’ – but of course shit happens.

Possessed Mercedes shows up and then all of a sudden everyone falls asleep. This is because Tucker had earlier threatened a being he called ‘Hypnos’ as part of his possessed sisters’ plans. Tucker said that they wanted ‘time.’ And apparently they get it because by the time Peacemaker wakes Wynonna up she’s incredibly pregnant.

The first person she wakes up is Dolls and the two of them wander out into town to find that the whole town is asleep. They go to find Waverly and Haught first and while she manages to hide the baby bump from Dolls, Nicole accidentally finds out. So not only is Wynonna forced to try and save Purgatory and defeat possessed demon Mercedes, who has been running around in this spectral guise, but now she also has to deal with more people getting in on the secret.

Let’s get back to possessed Mercedes. The next we see of her she’s in her ‘woman in black’ get up at Hypnos’ house with Tucker and possessed Beth. Yeah, spoiler alert: if you hadn’t already come to suspect it by now the demonic specter is really Mercedes – and also Beth. While they’re having their little team meeting we learn that the town has been asleep for an indeterminate number of weeks (weeks – not months) and that Hypnos can’t control Wynonna now that she’s awake. Perks of being the heir.

Unfortunately, the others still can fall asleep.

So they have to rely on caffeine, adrenaline, and whatever medication they can find in the evidence locker at the police station. Waverly goes to find Doc at Shorty’s while Wynonna stays behind to look for Jeremy. Jeremy has found the second seal that possessed Mercedes and Beth have been searching for – and they end up attacking Wynonna to get that information.

Dolls comes in shortly after and finds out that Wynonna is pregnant. Wynonna tries to act like that doesn’t change anything but it’s clear that Dolls disagrees – at least as far as her ability to rush into dangerous situations goes. Still, he and Wynonna end up joining Haught in tracking down one of the ghostly possessed ‘widows’ as they call themselves. They manage to find Hypnos and he threatens not just the town but Wynonna – and the baby – with sleepy death if they hurt him. Ultimately, he cuts a deal with them. If they save his daughter, Poppy, who Tucker has taken, he’ll help them.

Talk about tugging heartstrings at the most unexpected time, show.

It turns out the seal is at Shorty’s – and when Waverly finds Doc she also finds Jeremy passed out in the basement. Together they locate the seal, which is good news. Or it would be if the widows weren’t on their way and Jeremy wasn’t hyped up on energy drinks with a gun he doesn’t know how to use in hand. Guns, it turns out, are no use against the widows who paralyze everyone in the basement.

Wynonna sends Haught and Dolls to rescue Poppy while she goes to Shorty’s. She and Dolls share an incredibly intimate kiss before he leaves and, honestly, it’s all I ever wanted. But it’s also sad because she sorta hints to him before he leaves that Doc is the father of her baby so… Man, Dolls. You’re giving me so many feels.

At the homestead, Haught confronts Tucker and ends up shooting him. Which, honestly, since he’s literally trying to make Poppy take on all the characteristics of Waverly for his own sick fetish-y reasons I can’t really blame her. She rescues Poppy but Tucker manages to jump out a window and escape before she can stop him. He said something curious before he ran, though. He told Haught that he did something that would make the widows kill him.

Intriguing, right? It turns out later that he turned on his possessed siblings and starts by killing one of their allies. The dude is seriously messed up – and I can only think that this has something to do with his creepy obsession with Waverly.

Wynonna shows up and chases off the widows but not before they manage to break the second seal. After she helps up Waverly she moves on to Doc. But when she tells Doc about the pregnancy he immediately makes an excuse to get out of the room and avoid any actual conversation.

That’s not the only bad news Wynonna gets. Hypnos tells her that time really hasn’t passed – so her pregnancy should have remained the same. Something happened that made the baby grow faster than it should have. And Doc isn’t the only one to turn away from her. The tender moment passed and Dolls is right back into demanding boss mode with Wynonna.

The last few minutes of the episode are really emotional because Wynonna is yet again forced to accept how little control she has over her own life. She never wanted to be the heir. She never asked to be a mother. No matter what she does shit just seems to happen to her and she can’t do anything about it. But she has Waverly, at least.

And at the very end, Waverly gives her a note from Doc which simply says: I am all in. I knew it wouldn’t take Doc long to come around but I wasn’t sure it’d be that fast and I wasn’t ready for these #feels.

Dolls said it best in this episode: Wynonna’s pregnancy ‘changes everything.’ And there is no show that could handle this kind of storyline better than Wynonna Earp. For all it’s cheesiness and demon hunting, it’s always been a show about people and their relationships. It’s been a show about family. This new element in the story does change everything. It’s going to change everyone’s relationships for better or for worse and we’re already seeing that.

The writers and cast members are going to run us through the emotional gauntlet for the rest of the season, I just know it. And I really can’t wait.

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