Synopsis of 03×07: An injured crew member is haunted by the past, unaware of the dangers that are lurking in the present.

At the end of episode 6 we knew Six was in danger; everyone on the colony has been poisoned. Two and Android find Six barely alive. They bring him back to the marauder and he immediately goes into cardiac arrest. Android thankfully performs CPR and saves his life. 

Back on the Raza, Six claims that Tralgot must be the one behind the mass murder attack on the colony. Two thinks they should take the opportunity to warn the other independent colonies before they suffer the same fate. Six claims it’s not possible because all leaders of the independent colonies are meeting in a secret location. He has the secret codes to reach them, but he isn’t willing to give up the location. 

Six isn’t really with the Raza though, he’s with two scientists who are working for Commander Neiman trying to crack his mind for the secret location where the independent colony leaders are meeting. 

Two is just about to suit up for the colony to look for Six when Anders calls the Raza and confirms that Ferrous Corp is responsible for the the attack on the colony. Cal survived the attack and is currently on a Ferrous Corp ship.

Six is smart. He begins to pay close attention to the smallest details. He picks up on the illegible label on a bottle of pain killers in the infirmary. He knows something is up but he can’t figure out what. The closer he gets to the truth, the weirder the Raza crew begins to act. They all keep asking him to give up the location of the secret meeting. Even Three, who usually doesn’t care about anyone but himself, has turned over a new leaf. Six questions why he suddenly cares about the colonies, Three claims it’s because he was so convincing. Six isn’t buying any of it and he forces his captors to work harder at making him believe.

During these mind games, Six begins to get flashbacks of his past. He discovers that he has a wife and son. The scientist reset only to fool him again and again by forcing him to think he is safe with his friends on the Raza, but that’s not the case. In between another restart, Commander Neiman contacts the scientist and is disappointed to learn there hasn’t been a breakthrough yet. He pressures them to get answers as soon as possible.

As more of Six’s memories are unlocked, he figures out that he isn’t living in reality. As a last attempt, the scientist have no choice but to let Six believe he’s figured out the truth. They reveal themselves, holding him at gunpoint and beg him for the codes to the secret location or they will end him.  Two and Three burst in and rescue him before the scientists can make good on their threat.

Aboard the Raza, Six  remains suspicious of the crew and asks Three to hit him; he does, proving everything’s real. Things are finally back to normal, until Two shows up in Six’s quarters stating they’ve received a coded message for his eyes only from the leaders of the independent colonies. Six decodes the message and discovers the leaders are in trouble and need help. He goes to the bridge to put in the secret location so the Raza crew can help.

Before he puts the code in, he starts to have a flashback about his past. He realizes that it’s not real and sets the Raza on course to burn; he fools his captors into believing he’s still unconscious and takes them by surprise, making them think they’ve killed him by shooting him. Six retrieves the coordinates from the scientist and leaves him in the virtual reality. 

Six calls on the real Raza and tells Two he’s ready to come home. He sends the coordinates for her to pick him up. Once he’s on board the Raza, Five runs to hug him and Android scans his vitals. He’s just fine aside from his blood pressure being slightly elevated and some dehydration. Things are finally back to normal (welcome back, Six!). Three visits Sarah and explains everything that has happened.

Two also pays Sarah a visit and discovers that Sarah may not be as happy as she thought living in the virtual space on board the Raza. Sarah confides in Two that she misses the closeness of others and obviously her body. Would Sarah consider betraying the Raza for a chance at having a body again?

That just might be the case as Android is awakened randomly from her charging dock and walks around the ship. She hovers over Five, peeks in on Six,  and then makes her way to Three’s quarters. She picks up his gun and aims it directly at his head, but thankfully doesn’t pull the trigger. Android returns his weapon, leaves his quarters and heads back to the docking station. 

Umm could that have been Sarah taking over the Android? Who else would want to hack into the Android? So many questions and I so can’t wait for the next episode!

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  1. I thought what Android was doing was a bit weird, too. Maybe it was Sarah? But why would she take control of Android, point a gun to 3’s head only put it away and walk off? WEIRD! Oh well, I guess we will find out what’s up next episode.

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