Synopsis of 03×05: Kirsten goes against protocol and stitches into a dead guard’s memory when Cameron’s imprisoned father becomes accused of murder. 

The episode opens with a flashback to a young Cameron about a year after his heart surgery at home with his dad. It’s been fourteen years since Cameron’s seen his father and with everything going on with Linus (his dad died) and Kirsten (trying to save her mother) he felt like it was a good time to reconnect with his dad. Cameron tries to visit his imprisoned father James Miller. He waits for two hours but doesn’t get to see him due to a fire alarm forcing all visitors to vacate. 

Maggie’s back in town and calls Cameron with news about his father. Miller is accused of murdering a prison guard named Gary Parsons but he claims it was self-defense. Cameron doesn’t believe he did it. If Miller is convicted, he’ll receive the death penalty. Maggie isn’t going to let that happen;  she uses her authority for the team to stitch into Parsons to figure out what really happened.

Kirsten stitches into Parsons and discovers that he was friendly with everyone in the prison, including Miller. However, after Parsons received a phone call from a man inquiring about someone named Bruce, Parsons attacks Miller forcing him to defend himself, resulting in Parsons death. Looks like it really was self-defense!

Camille asks Fisher for advice about dating and ignores what he says. Ivy isn’t texting Linus back. Does that mean she’s taking Camille’s advice or is she in some type of danger? Cameron meets with Maggie and debriefs about the two cases he handled while she was gone. Maggie asks him why Camille took over stitching for him; he skirted around the truth and inquired about the machine that selects their cases. Maggie claims it’s classified and Cameron begs to differ. He probes Maggie for information but ends up revealing that Kirsten knows where here mother is being held. Secrets out of the bag now, way to go Cameron! 

Linus narrows down the possible suspects that could be behind arranging the hit on Miller’s life and Camille and Fisher set out to investigate. Also during the episode, there are a lot of childhood flashback scenes showcasing how tough Linus, Camille, and Cameron had it growing up.

Linus has a flashback with his dad where he reveals that he had zero friends, until he met Cameron. Camille has a flash back while at the trailer park where Bruce lives that’s very similar to the one she grew up in. After Fisher and Camille question Bruce, Fisher doesn’t believe Bruce is behind the attack. Camille doesn’t agree and mentions how nobody is ever happy when they live in a trailer park, but it appears Bruce is!

Maggie is considering hiring Ivy. Is that a smart choice? I don’t think so! Linus is thrilled about possibly bringing Ivy onto the team. He reaches out to her again, but still doesn’t receive a response. Cameron goes undercover as a lawyer to visit his father in prison. He tries to squeeze the truth out of him but Miller won’t give in. After Cameron leaves his father one of the guards calls a man to let him know Miller’s lawyer just visited him. The mystery guy gets a description from the guard and tells him it wasn’t Miller’s lawyer but his son. That must mean this mystery man knows what Cameron looks like, could it be someone from his past?

Camille and Amanda have a romantic night, but it’s ruined when Camille lashes out. Amanda calls Camille out on her crap and Kirsten walks in before Camille has a chance to respond to Amanda. Amanda leaves and Kirsten apologizes to Camille for walking in on them. Camille lashes out at Kirsten and claims her new sense of emotions is ruining her ability to see through people.

Camille asks Kirsten how she can believe so easily that Ivy is innocent. Kirsten says that’s her sister and she needs to protect her. Then there’s a flashback of a pre-teen Camille lying to the Sheriff to protect her brother from going to jail. I think Camille is upset with everyone who accepts liars, it might even be that Camille secretly hates herself because she’s a scammer and a liar.  

Meanwhile, Linus visits Cameron at home and they discuss how things with Ivy were great until she started ghosting him. Cameron tries to cheer him up by playing a drinking game. He wins and send Linus out to purchase more alcohol. Cameron goes to let Linus back in to the apartment when two thugs attack him. Linus arrives just in time to help Cameron fight them off and kick them. 

Stinger visits Ivy and puts pressure on her to stick by his side and locate Kirsten’s mother. Ivy denies helping him and talks about how much she misses her boyfriend. At least we know Ivy is okay and that she really does care about Linus. 

Back at the lab, Kirsten stitches into Parsons again to see if she can figure out who the real killer is. She discovers that Parsons met with a bearded man who paid Parson’s medical bills in exchange for him killing Miller. Kirsten visits another memory and learns that Parsons called in the fire when Bruce tried to visit Miller in prison. 

Cameron has a flashback to his childhood when his father was arrested and figures out that he is Bruce and the mystery guy calling the shots is Joe Zeiss the agent that arrested his father. Cameron saves his dad and he and Fisher set out to arrest Zeiss. They arrive at his apartment and Zeiss’s son opens the door; Cameron convinces Fisher to not make the arrest in front of the kid like the FBI did to him when he was younger. Fisher agrees and they leave. 

Kirsten goes to visit her mother and finds her mother has disappeared. She runs to Cameron’s and tells him that Stinger kidnapped her mother. Cameron reveals that it wasn’t Stinger, that it was Maggie. Kirsten freaks out and leaves Cameron’s upset and meets up with Ivy to cry her eyes out. 

Camille calls Amanda to try and work things out with her. She’s ready to take a chance on Amanda, but Amanda doesn’t want to be someone’s “chance” and leaves a broken hearted Camille on the porch. 

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