Synopsis of 2×11: This week, we recount Mikasa’s carnal rage in Eren’s absence. There’s also a surprise I’m sure you guys will recognize.

So the previous episode ended on a pretty epic high note. Titans chasing after garrison troops chasing after titan shifters. Quite the rat race. 

As Reiner carries her from the scouts, Ymir pulls Christa from out of her mouth, covered in drool. She then ejects halfway from her titan form to explain the situation to Christa. I didn’t even know they could do that!

But yeah, that happened. Really though, the highlight of the first few minutes was Ymir’s and Christa’s shouting match over whether they should join the titans or not. Christa argues that they’ll try to eat her and Ymir’s response was really, “If you can just overlook that, they’re not so bad after all!” I’m sorry Ymir, but you’re wrong for that and you know it.

Ymir tries to do the ol’ “I’m saving you to save me, not you” routine and it actually works. She claims that she plans to hand Christa over for her redemption. Even after this whole rant, Christa still delivers the same heartwarming charm that we love her for. She’s always going to be Ymir’s ally, no matter the circumstance.

The scouts catch up to Reiner and Bertholdt, with Mikasa in the lead. She takes Ymir’s titan eye out! She then goes straight for Bertholdt. Reiner clasps his neck and forms a protective cocoon around Bertholdt. More importantly, Mikasa flashes the psycho eyes.

Beware the eyes of March. They mean business and I feel legitimate fear for anyone who meets their gaze. Mikasa changes tactics and goes for Ymir instead. Christa’s pleas do little to hold her off. This is the most cut-throat I’ve seen Mikasa, a cross between Eren and Annie.

She basically lays it out as such, she lacks compassion for anyone other than Eren, so Christa’s choice is between Eren or Ymir. Christa shows so much control over Ymir, it’s captivating to watch. She tells Ymir to give up and she does.

It’s my Pity Party and I’ll Cry if I Want to

Finally, the rest of the garrison trainees confront Bertholdt and Reiner over their betrayal. Funny enough, everyone directs their questions and nostalgic memories at only Bertholdt. He confesses that they pretended to be soldiers, but enjoyed all of the times they shared and found peace only in their time pretending. Oh, poor Bertholdt. “I directly caused the deaths of countless innocent men, women, and children of my own accord. Yet, I want pity because I feel bad about it.” Sorry, you won’t get it here.

All of the troops led by Commander Erwin crash into Reiner, each with titans on their tail. A disorienting mob of titans. Reiner charges straight through them, until he loses his footing and the titans crowd him. Erwin delivers an inspiring speech before everyone charges forward. 

The Perfect Window

Reiner is left with no choice but to leave Bertholdt undefended to clear his path of titans. So much chaos and reckless rampage occurs in the latter half of the episode. A titan chomps at Erwin from offscreen and flies him away by arm. Still, he commands his troops in excellent fashion, no less to be expected from one of the garrison regiment’s highest commanders. Mere minutes later, he comes back in the clutch to separate Eren from Bertholdt. Mikasa swoops in to carry him away.

Just when you think Eren’s been saved and the battle is over, Reiner starts flinging titans like Eli Manning. Then for the main event…

A familiar face emerges from the dust, grinning from ear to ear. The titan that began it all, truly began it all, not Reiner or Bertholdt. The titan who killed Eren’s mother hasn’t aged a day and his smile is just as sinister.

We’re coming to a close, guys. One more episode remains and if it holds as much tension as this one did, then my itty bitty heart won’t be able to take it. Have anything to say? Leave a comment and let us know, we’d love to hear it.

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