On May 27, Disney began it’s Summer of Heroes and opened its newest attraction at Disney’s California Adventure, Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission BREAKOUT. For those strong willed and heat resistant guests who braved the park, the ride is quite a delight. However, be warned; it is far more erratic and wild than its predecessor, the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. 

The best option is to arrive early to the park, wait in the FastPass distribution line (usually located near the Carthay Circle) and then wait in the regular line. This way you can ride twice in one Disney trip with (theoretically) as little waiting as possible. 

Now you may be wondering why you should ride it twice. First, it is absolutely insane and fun. You will want to experience it over and over. But second, it also varies with each ride. There are multiple songs that play (6), and the characters vary in what they say to you during the ride. So far, I’ve had a different song each time I’ve ridden it. (I’m a passholder, so I go to the parks a lot!)

But other than the ride being fun, the best part, in my nerdy, Marvel obsessed opinion, is actually the line. While it may take a while for you to actually enter the main enclosed line section, that’s where, in a way, the ride truly begins. The courtyard outside the Collector’s facility is filled with specimens and artifacts. Strange plant life. Gnomes. Recordings of various species. It’s quite the environment you step into.

Inside the building (what was once the lobby of the hotel) is a plethora of Marvel related items. There are objects from past Marvel films (and potentially future ones) including remains of Ultron, Warlock’s Eye, descriptions of the Dark Elves, and Terrigen crystals. Other objects are nods to the former attraction, including a bell hop cap from the Hollywood Tower Hotel, and some of the artifacts that once filled the library waiting rooms. 

The storyline of the ride involves Rocket encouraging you to assist him in freeing the Guardians from captivity. He, himself, managed to escape, but requires a distraction in order to save the rest of the team. While on the ride, depending on which song you get, the Guardians will battle giant tentacled creatures in an attempt to escape, but to varying degrees of success. The ride hardly stops moving, and you’ll find yourself laughing, singing, and screaming along. 

Also be prepared to spend money, as you exit through a little shop. (I love a little shop.) I can’t get out of there without spending money. Every. Time. 

I can’t say for sure that it is worth the wait if you only have a single day at the parks, but if you are able to visit for more than one day, it is absolutely worth the time. Especially if you love all things Marvel and are looking forward to the future of the MCU and more of the Marvel world in the Disney parks. 

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