Synopsis 03×01 and 03×02: In the aftermath of the explosion, the Raza crew fights to survive and works to recover a deadly drive. Help comes from a surprising source. It’s friend vs. friend and it turns out Five’s past isn’t what you think. 

Dark Matter season 3 is here, it’s finally here! The season premiered with a double episode back to back. ‘Being Better is So much Harder’ picks up right where the season finale of season 2 left us. Four, now known as Ryo, managed to escape and successfully blow up EOS 7.

However, the rest of the Raza crew was split up and left on the station. Two tells everyone to head back to the ship right before there’s another explosion. Commander Truffaut finds Five and demands she goes with her. Five follows because she doesn’t see a better option and the goal is to survive and link back up with the Raza crew. But can Truffaut be trusted?

Six finds Two right in the midst of the explosion. Two wants to keep searching for the rest of the crew, but Six insists they make their way to the Marauder before the entire EOS 7 blows. Three was barely conscious and still appears to be missing. Two and Six make it out of the station moments before it completely explodes. They take a hit but survive.

Truffaut and Five hitchhike a ride and make contact with the Android (my fav) on the Raza and prepare to rendezvous back to the ship. Android tells Five she hasn’t heard from anyone else and that Nyx is dead. Five tells the Android that everything will be okay and that they will find the others. Surprisingly, Android disagrees with her! Immediately after Five and Truffaut board the Raza they become under attack by Ferrous Corp. Five, Truffaut, and the Android work on protecting the ship.

During the attack, Two and Six make contact with the Raza. Five is thrilled to hear that they are alive. They send them their coordinates and Five lets them know it will take a while before they can get to them because they are under attack. Two and Six sit tight and wait for updates. Shortly after, Ferrous Corp soldiers dock and board the Raza. Like true badass women and Android, they defend the ship manning oversized guns and all. I definitely laughed when the Ferrous Corp soldiers went running.


Meanwhile, Three discovers that Anders saved him from the explosion. They somehow ended up stranded in an abandoned mining plant; but obviously Anders doesn’t trust Three because he handcuffed him while casing the place. A random security drone picks up their movements and starts shooting at them. With only one gun, Anders tries to defend himself. Things almost don’t work out for him, but Three managed to get free and save Anders by taking down the drone.

Two and Six get in touch with the Raza and ask how long it will take to get to them. Five and Android aren’t sure because of the damage done to the ship. That’s when Two breaks the news that they are running out of oxygen and could use a rescue as soon as possible.

With not much time to spare, Two figures out a way to get Six into a room with the most oxygen, and locks him in. Six asks her what she’s up to and she explains that this is his best chance to survive until they rescue them. Two knows she can survive without oxygen for 30 minutes, so she’s hoping they’ll arrive before then.

Two begins to feel the effects of losing oxygen and starts to hallucinate. She sees Nyx and they have a thoughtful conversation about everything that’s happened. They say goodbye to one another as Nyx kisses Two before she passes out. The Raza crew eventually makes it there to pick them up and both Two and Six managed to stay alive (phew).

Back on Zairon, Ryo goes to visit and free his old teacher, Teku from prison. Ryo brings forth Teku in front of the royal court and asks him if he is sorry for his crimes against the crown. Teku says no, that he regrets nothing. Ryo rewards him by offering him an advisory position on the royal court. Misaki is displeased when Teku accepts.

At the abandoned mining facility, Three manages to convince Anders to leave him at the facility when GA soldiers show up to rescue him. Anders gets in touch with the Raza to tell them where they can find him.

Later, Two meets with Truffaut, who promises that Mikkei will continue to remain neutral in the war. After their talk, Truffaut leaves the Raza and Two meets back up with her crew. They discuss what happened and what’s next when Android brings in a casserole. In true Android awkward form she tells the crew she made it with a secret ingredient, basil and love.

In walks Five who grabs a plate and then tries to head back to her room. Six stops her and says she’s always talking about family, and family eats together. Two tells the crew their next move is to steal back the blink drive and to kill Ryo. 

‘It Doesn’t Have to Be Like This’ opens with Five in her quarters. She has somehow managed to reconnect with Three’s dead girlfriend, Sarah. Next thing you know she’s surfing Four’s memories and stumbles upon a secret research place and believes that Ryo might be hiding the blink drive there.

She tells the crew and they set course for that destination in hopes that Ryo is keeping the drive there. With the Raza crew anxious to get their hands on the blink drive, they also discuss whether or not they should kill Four. Surprisingly, Six says yes to killing him since he already killed Nyx. Five on the other hand is unsure, and Two and Three both agree, he should be killed.

Either way, the Raza sets course for the research station to steal back the blink drive. Once the station is in view they blast the station with their weapons. Four sends a clone body to the station to see what’s going on. Meanwhile, Two, Three, and Six head for the station on the Marauder. They dock, then Two and Three blast through the doors and start looking for the blink drive. Four sends a Transfer Transit Clone of himself (pretty cool I might add) to protect the blink drive.

Meanwhile on Zairon, Misaki and Teku have a tense conversation where Misaki recaps a memory of her being bullied at the academy. It’s clear Misaki really doesn’t like Teku and the reason she tells this story is to subtly let Teku know that she won’t hesitate to remove him from her path if he gets in her way.


Back on the station Two and Three continue to search the station for the blink drive. Clone Four tells the scientist on the station that their best chance at surviving is to use the blink drive. They disagree with him and claim they aren’t ready to use the drive just yet. But Four is adamant that they use it.

So they do, and they end up in a void filled with nothing, just surrounded by white space. Six realizes what happened and tells Two and Three that they used the blink drive, but it didn’t work. Two tries to contact the Raza but it doesn’t work. She decides that their best bet is to get the blink drive and use it to save them all.

Five and Android become worried when they notice they’ve lost contact with the Marauder along with Two and Three, who are on the station and unreachable via comms. As they work to figure out a way to reconnect with the rest of the team, Five finds herself slipping into her lost memories. She discovers things about her past and how she ultimately made it on to the Raza. She worked in a repair shop with an older man who became a mentor. He thought she had potential and was willing to pay for her to attend a tech college.

Two and Three continue blasting their way through the station until they run into Clone Four. They try to negotiate with him to no avail. Three shoots him in the leg when things don’t go their way. They discover after he’s been shot that Four is actually a clone. Two doesn’t hesitate to shoot him with a bullet straight to the head. I gotta say, I’m actually happy they didn’t really kill Four. I’m interested to see where his character goes this season. 

Six, Two, and Three discover that the void is shrinking, so it’s imperative that they get that drive and make their way back to reality and safety. Two contacts the scientists and tells them they need to work together in order to save everyone on the station. The scientist aren’t easily persuaded, because Clone Four rigged the station and only his voice can override the protocols.

However, they agree because they don’t see a better option. By the time Two and Three reach the other crew members it’s too late, the void has already swallowed them up. So they make their way to  meet the scientists. When they reach them they find one of them dead and the other threatening to destroy the blink drive by throwing it into the void. Two tries to talk to the scientist, but you guessed it, it does not work. Three shoots the scientist and she drops the blink drive. Two seals her fate and retrieves the drive. They hurry back to the Marauder and meet-up with Six. 

Four contacts the Raza and discovers from the Android that Nyx is dead. Clearly he had no idea and the Android picks up on this. After her chat with Four, the Android comes up with a way to signal the Marauder so they have a way to make it back to the Raza if they retrieve the blink drive. Five blacks out again when the Android tries to reach her. When she doesn’t answer, the Android goes looking for her and finds her passed out. She figures out a way to wake her and explains what’s happening to her is dangerous. The only way to save Five is for the Android to do a procedure that will cancel out her memories. 

Two, Three, and Six use the blink drive successfully and are able to make it back to the Raza thanks to the signal the Android sent. Android gets to work on Five once the crew is back on board. But, while Five is reliving her memories she discovers that she has a sister who was adopted. Before she can find out more, her mentor disappears along with the answers she needs to find her only family that’s left. 

Four confronts Misaki about the death of Nyx and he threatens her life. Misaki claims that she did it for him because Nyx made him weak and no matter what he claims the rest of the Raza crew is a weakness too. 

So far Dark Matter is off to a great start for the season. I’m looking forward to the next episode and the fate of the Raza crew, including Four’s. 

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