Synopsis of 03×10: Peyton and Liv find themselves on a surprising wild goose chase; Ravi is terrified when the zombie truth hunters’ plans are revealed; Mr. Boss returns to get his money and tie-up loose ends; Major finds comfort in an unexpected friend. 

Mr. Boss slips inside his home while his wife is occupied on the phone with a lawyer. She tells the lawyer that her husband is dead, despite people saying they spotted him at various locations. Mr. Boss heads downstairs to the basement, where he retrieves  a suitcase filled with money and passports.  He quietly slips past his wife on his way out while she’s still on the phone calling him a shifty little weasel.  

Major receives a phone call from Ravi interrupting his romantic fun. Ravi tells Major he’s off to London to visit his parents and to let Liv know. Major says will do and hangs up. Clearly too distracted to realize something’s up with Ravi if he’s  just taking a random trip and hasn’t been home to pack. 

Surrounded by zombie truthers with guns, Ravi has no choice but to hand over his cell phone. Ravi grabs his bag and checks on a sedated Don E in the next room. The zombie truthers have Don E tied up and are live streaming him. 

Peyton convinces Liv to eat the dominatrix murder’s brain in exchange for alone time in the apartment with Justin. Liv agrees and heads to the morgue to cook up a brain meal. Meanwhile, Blaine tries to expand the brain business. While the rest of his crew is packing brains he finally asks about Don E. They confess that Don E ate the blue brains, a lot of them actually, and ran out into an alley the night before. Running right into Harley’s van. 

Don E wakes up and finds himself being watched by zombie truthers. He starts making war references and even breaks out in song, singing the Star Spangled Banner. Harley asks Ravi what’s wrong with him and he says he doesn’t know. 

Major is still hanging with Shauna, looks like they are still going strong with the sex fort. They break when pizza arrives and learn that they went to the same camp as kids. Could this play into a deeper plot later in the show? I’m convinced Shauna is up to something! 

Liv has a vision and tells Peyton that James (dominatrix killer) is the real murderer. Sorry Peyton! Liv discovers that she can see her ex-boyfriend Drake because she feels guilty about shooting him. 

The war brain wears off and Don E comes back to reality. Ravi has on a stocking to cover his face, and pretends to sedate Don E again. Ravi has a plan and needs Don E to play along. 

Liv heads to the morgue to see if she can snag a new brains to eat to get rid of the voice of Drake in her head. Clive walks in and hears Liv talking to herself. She explains what’s going on when Peyton walks in and asks Liv if she’s ready for lunch. That triggers a vision and Liv discovers that James was murdered by a prison guard, he didn’t commit suicide after all.

Peyton, Clive and Liv question the guards and they all claim not to know anything. Liv heads home to meet up with Justin to finally get more intimate. Unfortunately for Liv her hallucination of Drake puts the breaks on anything she had planned. 

Mr. Boss pays Blaine a visit and shoots him twice. He’s just about ready to deliver another shot when Candy comes downstairs and distracts him. Blaine gets up and grabs Mr. Boss. Liv makes her way to Major’s apartment to pick up Ravi’s supply closet key. She meets Shauna and admits she’s a bit jealous about the whole thing.

Clive walks in on her talking to herself and Liv pretends she was talking to the rats in Ravi’s supply closet. Clive tells Liv they made a break in James’ case. There’s an inmate who heard what happen when James was murdered. The inmate had a scuffle with Liv in an earlier season and knows that she’s not human. Clive and Peyton ignore that fact and manage to get the inmate to cooperate. They visit the home of the guard and learn he died. 

Ravi is left alone with just one zombie truther and Don E. So he takes a chance and sedates the zombie truther, finds the spare phone that Don E had hidden, and calls Blaine for help. Blaine has other priorities at the moment, like convincing Mr. Boss to partner with him. Mr. Boss tries to kill Blaine again and learns that he just can’t kill him. Blaine tells Mr. Boss he will bring him international brains, and Mr. Boss agrees out of fear. 

Clive and Liv track down James’ daughter and ask her about her last phone call to her dad. She tells them she was referring to the voices in her dad’s head. After Clive and Liv drive away, the daughter and her friend eat brains produced by Fillmore Graves. I suspect Fillmore might be behind everything. 

Liv has a heart to heart with Drake’s hallucination and kisses him. Peyton and Justin walk in and interrupt her. Free of Drake, Liv takes Justin by the hand and leads him back to her room. They make love and fall asleep.

Liv hears someone knocking at her door. When she opens the door she finds Blaine who asks her if she’s ready to kick some ass. They make their way to the zombie truthers hideout and get ready by going full on zombie rage mode. Meanwhile, inside, Ravi does his best to protect Don E from dying. Harley isn’t trying to hear anything Ravi has to say and points again to his head giving him seconds to move out of the way. But Ravi never does. 

Will Ravi die trying to save Don E? I certainly hope not! Will Liv and Blaine make it inside fast enough to save Ravi and Don E? I hope so! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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