Synopsis 03×09: When a dungeon master is killed, Liv and Clive discover he was up to more than just playing in his mother’s basement; Blaine’s experiment does not go as planned; Ravi stumbles across some new information that could prove deadly.

This episode opens up with Harley and his group of zombie haters watching the video of Liv’s new boo, Justin, on Harley’s hood with red eyes in his zombie rage state. After watching the video, Harley  goes on to mention that Baracus and a bunch of others are living among them as zombies. Harley calls on the witness from the radio show to confirm his suspicions, and he does. The room gets antsy and Harley encourages people that are willing, to go out and hunt for zombies.  

Thankfully, Ravi stops Harley’s zombie group from going on a kidnapping spree, but only by revealing that he works for the police department and that he used to work for the CDC. Ravi told Harley and a roomful of zombie haters that he’s working on a vaccine for the zombie disease. Someone in the room Googles Ravi and confirms he is who he says he is. But I wonder if Ravi just put himself in danger by volunteering a vaccine for these wackos to go on a zombie killing spree.  

A Dungeons and Dragons Master is in the middle of a heated game when he suddenly starts choking on something. At first the players think he’s just kidding and ignore him. But when they tell him to knock it off and he doesn’t, they believe he’s actually really choking. By the time they realize what’s happening it is already too late because his head hits the table and he stops moving and lies there dead. 

Soon after, the cops arrive followed by Liv, Clive, and Ravi. They review the body and ask the officer on duty where the witnesses are. He escorts them over to where the witnesses are seated and they recognize some of the suspects.  Ravi even goes as far as to call them nerds. 

Back at the morgue Liv and Ravi tell Clive that Dan the Dungeon Master was poisoned. They don’t know who would have wanted to kill him so of course, Liv eats the dungeon master’s brain to find out! And shortly after she finds herself using the die from the game and turns everything into a fantasy riddle.

Blaine is more than happy to be back in charge. He announces he’s the owner of the brain operation again to Don E and his goons. Blaine introduces his new brain product from his attempt to remake Ravi’s memory serum. Don E is intrigued. Shortly after Blaine leaves his office, Don E takes a spoonful of the brain that’s been sitting in the solution. His pupils immediately become dilated, practically blown just seconds after he’s eaten it.

Meanwhile, Clive and Liv take trip to a comic bookstore (my favorite scene) to visit one of the witnesses named Zoe. While in the store we discover that Clive is a fan of The Flash (pretty cool Clive, pretty cool)! Liv has a vision while talking to Zoe and discovers that she and the victim were sleeping together and they were definitely into cosplay. Zoe confirms and admits that some of the other players where jealous of their relationship.

Clive and Liv call the other witnesses into question and they discover that they all had a thing for Zoe. Watching Liv roll the game die and talk dungeons and dragons and fantasy is quite funny. Diego was so in love with Zoe that he went and got a tattoo of a dragon with Zoe written in fire on his back. This woman had zero interest in him, and yet he had an entire tattoo dedicated to her. Oh the things we do for love, right?

Diego tells Clive and Liv that Steve is also in love with Zoe and how he became obsessed with vampires and becoming a cold one to impress Zoe. But none of them seem to have enough motive to poison Dan. Liv suggests they play a game to help crack the case.

Ravi arrives home to find Major reading all of the Chaos Killer hate mail he had been hiding from him. Major stumbles upon one letter from a beautiful woman who included a photo of herself and claims that he was innocent. Ravi picked up the envelope and told Major that she also left a number where she could be reached if he ever wanted to talk. 

Peyton meets with the therapist of the dominatrix’s killer. She quickly discovers that he wouldn’t have spent money on a dominatrix or any woman for that matter because his wife wouldn’t have approved.

After playing a lively game of Dungeons and Dragons Liv has a vision and discovers Dan had a secret door. She and Clive investigate further and discover a secret computer connected to a Russian power plant’s schematics. They call Zoe back in to interview her because she had mentioned the secret door before.

But before they could get answers Clive is informed that the FBI is taking over the case and that they no longer have jurisdiction. He asks who is taking it over and the cop states Agent Bozzio is handling it and that she was just there.

Clive immediate jumps up and runs after her. He’s still in love with her. He just about heart broken all over again because he didn’t see her, but then he turns around and she’s standing right before him. She tells him the he was right about Major not being a mass murder. He was a mass kidnapper instead. He tells her he still loves her and she basically ignores that fact and tells him she can’t trust him and leaves in an Uber. Gotta say, what FBI agent drives around in an Uber? 

Don E is going crazy from the spoonful of brain he took. Reliving in vivid detail a war veterans brain. He freaks out and runs out of the zombie club.

Liv meets the new leader of Fillmore Graves, Chase Graves at a fundraiser. He immediately asks where they stand on finding the zombie killer who murdered those families, including Wally’s. She says they’re working on it and she and Clive are doing their best. Chase gets pissy about Clive being human and Liv reminds Chase that even though he’s human, he’s risked his life, career, and the woman that he loves to help and protect zombies. Chase backs off and thanks Liv and says it’s a pleasure meeting her before he’s stalks off.

Peyton meets up with Liv at the party and she tells Liv that her boss just blew her off again about the dominatrix case. Liv explains that it’s because her boss was a client of the dominatrix. Peyton begs Liv to tell her everything she knows.

Major is alone and depressed and just witnessed Liv being picked up by Justin to go to a fundraiser so he’s in a pretty sad mood. He decides to call that woman from the letter and invite her over to talk. 

Back at the fundraiser, Liv tells Justin she just met Chase Graves and Justin tells her about his encounter with him when a gun suddenly goes off. Baracus takes a bullet to the chest. Liv runs over to keep him calm and from going full on zombie. 

Harley and his friend show up at the morgue and ask Ravi for his help. Ravi has no choice but to play along so he says yes. They tell him that they caught a real zombie, Ravi doesn’t believe until he sees Don E with raging red eyes in a cage in the back of their van. How are you going to spin this one, Ravi? 

Finally, we see Mr. Boss has been smuggled back into town. He pops out of the trunk of a car, takes a gun, cocks it and says he’s only in town long enough to settle some debts. 

Looks like we’ve got a lot of unanswered questions like, will Major sleep with the woman he invited over? How will Ravi help Don E while keeping Harley in the dark? Did anyone see Baracus get shot in the chest? Who will Mr. Boss go after? 

This season is shaping up to be a pretty good one. Excited to see what the next episode will bring! 

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