The hour I spent at the Pop Culture Trivia Game Show at Vulture Festival was arguably one of the most delightful hours of my goddamn life. It was the cast of Orange is the New Black versus the cast of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. There were shots, bottles of booze, inane trivia questions, sing-a-longs, and hilarity.

Panel Highlights:

Literally everything Adrienne C. Moore (aka Black Cyndi from OITNB) did was funny af. I could spend hours playing Trivia Pursuit with her and I would probably laugh until I peed.

Emma Myles (aka Leanne) from Team OITNB was adorable. And she has a weird little victory dance that I will adopt for everyday of my life.

Donna Lynne Chaplain (Paula from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) flipped the audience the bird when we started singing the answers. (It was “Semi-Charmed Kinda Life” by Third Eye Blind and you would have sung along too.) She was so mad and it was like Paula had flown out of my TV. #YoureMyBestFriendButIKnowImNotYours #AndThatsOkay

Vincent Rodriguez III (who plays Josh, the Ex in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) sang and danced a little bit of “Bye Bye Bye” and it was better than “A Boy Band Made Up of Four Joshes.” I also died a little because I was so happy!

Rachel Bloom (writer/star/songwriter/producer of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) is the best! I want to play Pub Trivia with her once a week and our Team Name will be Dense like Dying Stars (get it, because of her song “Heavy Boobs” and because dense is a synonym for stupid? It’s a pun! She would understand and love me for it as we drink beers and eat nachos while answering questions about obscure 1940’s musicals!).

But seriously, Rachel Bloom is amazeballs. Watching her work out answers with her team as well as try to mentally link with Donna Lynne was everything I imagined it would be.

I’m a bigger Crazy Ex-Girlfriend fan than OITNB. But I enjoyed everyone on that stage. Also they were all clearly a little drunk and I wanted to be doing slightly drunk trivia with them. God bless the host and the moderator. There was so much yelling from the audience and the casts that I missed everyone’s names. But whoever you were, you were amazing and made herding drunk cats look easy.

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