Synopsis 02×17: Charlotte joins Lucifer and Chloe on a case linked to her clients after a gentleman with the missing piece of the flaming sword is killed. Things don’t go well. 

Since God Johnson’s belt buckle did not complete the flaming sword last week, Lucifer, Amenadiel, and Charlotte had to look for a potential third piece. Charlotte took the lead and used a client she represents to smuggle in the piece while Lucifer and Amenadiel watched from afar.

While she wined and dined her client, Amenadiel gave Lucifer a heads up that Maze was angry about being kept out of the loop regarding the plan. Before they could talk more about it the boys had to jump into action when they realized their mom gave her client the money without receiving the piece of the sword they were looking for. 

They went to check on the guy to make sure they did not get conned and found him dead, the money and contents of the safe gone. 

Maze, on the other hand, went to check in with Dr. Linda and found an unpleasant gentleman talking with her. Pulling out her knives she wanted to ensure everything was okay and Dr. Linda told her it was. The gentleman left and Maze found out that he was the chairman of the ethics review board. Due to Linda’s decision to help Lucifer break out of the psychiatric facility in the previous episode, her license was at risk of being revoked. Maze promised to fix it.

Lucifer lurked around Chloe’s desk after he and his mom concocted a plan to ensure that she would pick up the murder case. Charlotte came into the station and expressed concern about her client but Chloe refused until Charlotte told her she’d heard a gunshot. The plan worked and Chloe found the body, calling it in and picking up the case. Charlotte decided to stick around and help. 

The dead gentleman worked for a woman named Bianka, head of a major criminal organization, and one of Charlotte’s other clients. They found a cell phone at the scene, which had a strange lock screen which linked to a record label belonging to Bianka’s son. Chloe realized they would not be able to get near her without lawyers coming into play and Charlotte offered a solution: she had an invitation to a party Bianka was throwing. She could get them in. 

Lucifer went to talk to Linda but found Maze waiting for him instead. She informed him that the doctor had been suspended because of him and he needed to help fix it. While he went on that side quest, Chloe and Charlotte turned up to Bianka’s party looking mighty fine. Amenadiel, always feeling behind, turned up at the station wondering where everyone went and ended up leaving with Dan. 

Lucifer and Maze went to talk to the chairman of the ethics board but in his usual way, Lucifer made it all worse. He let it slip that he and Linda had a sexual relationship, which is definitely unethical. Maze all but dragged him out of there. Charlotte and Chloe had slightly better luck at Bianka’s party. It was revealed her son, Chet, killed the guy because he found out he was smuggling artifacts. His mom informed him that she was getting a 30% cut and he needed to stop pretending he understood her business. 

They also learned that Chet’s phone, left at the scene, had all the financial information about his mother’s enterprise on it. Unfortunately, she almost immediately noticed Chloe and zero’ed in on her. She approached and said she didn’t recognize Chloe who, thinking fast, pretended to be a fan of Chet’s music and acted like she had crashed the party to be close to him. It worked and Charlotte was impressed. 

Amenadiel and Dan went out to drinks, Dan explaining his foray into improv and suggesting it to Amenadiel as a way to release tension. The two bonded over their frustrations with Lucifer while Dan waited for a tech friend to crack Chet’s phone, which ended up not being possible. 

After the mess with the ethics board, Maze and Lucifer got into an all out brawl in the streets. Somehow no one noticed and called the police. Maze vented her frustrations, claiming Lucifer didn’t care about anyone unless they were useful to him. She said he was just like his parents. Once the fighting was over they continued to talk, Maze sharing that she thought he was going to leave her and Lucifer claiming he would never do that. He kept the secret from her in order to sell the story, her anger legitimizing his plan. She said that was even worse. 

In need of some couples counseling, Maze and Lucifer went to Linda, who stepped out of her therapist role and knocked sense into Lucifer. She said that Lucifer used Maze, much to his confusion as to why it mattered. He finally looked and saw Maze’s hurt and tried to apologize. Maze told Linda things were worse with the ethics board but she would make it right somehow. 

Bianka called a meeting with Charlotte, revealing that she knew her man was smuggling something for her. She offered to give it to her in exchange for her son’s phone. Reluctant, Charlotte saw no other way and tried to get the phone from Ella. Instead of picking up on Charlotte’s darker intention, she called her out for having a fling with Dan and told her not to hurt him. She then asked Charlotte to watch the phone. Just as she was about to steal it Chloe caught her.

Chloe mentioned the incident to Lucifer and told him that Charlotte explained everything about their relationship. She claimed to be Lucifer’s ex-step-mother, which kind of fit. In conjunction with the police, Charlotte took the phone to Bianka and offered a trade. In return she received a key, killing her wire in order to get her part of the bargain. In response the police moved in and Chloe searched Charlotte, coming up with nothing because in a slick move the key had been passed to Lucifer. 

Inside the safety deposit box was a book, possibly an instruction manual. The issues was that it was written in Samarian and he offered to translate it, though Charlotte’s temper flared when she realized the time it might take and both Lucifer and Amenadiel realized that something more was going on. 

Somewhere in Hollywood, Maze had a mysterious one-on-one with the chairman of the ethics board. 

Charlotte took a meeting with Bianka’s son Chet, believing him to have what was “really” in the safe which would allow the flaming sword to work. Instead, he stabbed her and was burned to death in the resulting divine light that poured out of her abdomen.

It was not looking good for Charlotte though, even as Amenadiel found out there was a third piece of the sword meant to bind the pieces together. He went on a bit of a rant because the piece was entrusted to God’s favorite son which he believed to be Lucifer, only to find out that the pieces were reacting to his necklace.

Of course, we’ll have to tune in next week to see how everything worked out. 

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