Synopsis of 1×04: If the last episode can be considered god-centric, ‘Git Gone’ shines a light on Shadow’s relationship with Laura. It’s a uniquely new perspective for American Gods to look at Laura’s side of the events already seen and it’s unapologetically great.

Before meeting Shadow, Laura’s working in an Egyptian-themed casino. She works, goes home, casually tries to maybe kill herself in her hot tub, fails, and goes back to work. One day, Shadow walks in trying to cheat at her blackjack table – it’s their first meeting and she warns him off of cheating too heavily lest he get caught.

He takes her advice and is suitably impressed, waiting to repay her when she gets off work. When he suggests that she start helping him out with his con, she demurs because she just wants to go home… So, she takes him home. Laura’s surprised to find him still there in the morning and it turns into a thing until they’re eventually married.

They get into a deep discussion about how nothing is real and Laura doesn’t believe in anything while still being worried about what might happen to Shadow if he’s ever caught for his crimes. She tells him not to look at her like a lost puppy and a nickname is born. Life goes on, Laura works, Shadow works out at Robbie’s gym, they socialize with Robbie and Audrey. Laura’s clearly not happy with how things are turning out.

One morning, she calls Shadow over for a serious discussion. He tries to play it off by asking if they’re pregnant, but she barrels on. She wants to rob the casino because she resents not being happy with her life and Shadow is immediately unsure of their relationship. Despite his anger, Laura is convinced that she has the perfect plan and they’ll never get caught.

Cut immediately to her asking Shadow in his prison orange jumpsuit how he got caught. She’s insistent that the plan was perfect and feels guilty about how he got caught. He won’t let her take a deal to lessen both of their sentences, preferring to serve the whole charge himself. All he asks is that she waits for him.

Her life becomes hinged on taking collect calls from Shadow in prison, spending time with Audrey and Robbie, and it seems that only her cat dying breaks her routine and draws some emotion out of her. And when Robbie comes over to bury her cat, they commiserate over Shadow being in jail, and sleep together. He returns the next day, but she tells him she’s waiting for Shadow, and then lets him in.

From the start of that relationship, it fast-forwards to the day Shadow calls Laura in prison just before his release. During their last phone call, it’s revealed that Robbie is at the house with her while she’s talking to him. After hanging up the phone, she tells Robbie to get dressed and they get into his car.

Robbie promises to leave Audrey and urges Laura to leave Shadow ahead of his return, but she doesn’t want to. She’s not at all invested in this relationship, but offers him one final goodbye blowjob and whether it’s intentional or not, her elbow knocks the gearshift and they end up in the crash that kills them both.

A shocked Laura finds herself above the accident, looking down on the scene, before she’s met by Anubis. Like the old woman before her, he goes to weigh her heart and she deflects him. Without weighing her heart, he tells her that she believed in nothing, so there will be darkness when she goes. Laura continues to argue, but he continues to deny her before she’s pulled away.

Instead of going into the darkness, she crawls out of her own grave thanks to the lucky coin that Shadow put on her grave. Laura stumbles upon the scene from the pilot where Shadow was being lynched by Technical Boy’s henchmen and proceeds to demolish them and free Shadow. By the time he gets his bearings, Laura has hidden from him and he stumbles off to confront Mr. Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Laura returns home with her detached arm. Her world is muted, but she seems to sense Shadow’s light whenever he’s near and is almost caught by him when he shows up to clear the house out. She ends up hiding in the hot tub until he leaves and ends up at Audrey’s house attempting to reattach her arm.

Audrey freaks the fuck out when she finds Laura. She runs to call the police, but Laura asks her not to at the same time she’s shitting out embalming fluid on her toilet. They try to work out what Laura’s actually doing at her house and what she is now, though neither of them know. It’s an unconventional time to have a heart to heart, but they seem to work through some of their issues. She helps Laura sew her arm back on and then they pile into the car for a road trip.

Anubis and Mr. Ibis stop them on their way to Shadow in order to assist Laura in blending in as a human. After attaching her arm and painting her skin, Anubis promises to complete his delivery of her to darkness when she’s finished her task.

She waits for Shadow at his hotel, bringing this episode to the point where ‘Head Full of Snow’ ended, and greets him.

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