Undoubtedly one of my favorite shows on the network right now, I was thrilled that the cast of the CW’s hit futuristic survival drama were returning to San Diego Comic-Con again this year. Unfortunately, we were unable to speak with Bob Morley or Lindsey Morgan due to time constraints.

Season three will reportedly pick up after a short time jump of a few months. When asked about what’s in store for season three, Jason Rothenberg reports that the new season will simultaneously explore how the world came to be by following Jaha and the new A.I. character and delve deeper into grounder culture, introducing various new clans and threats for the remaining hundred. After the show’s explosive last season, Jason also claims that themes of PTSD will also be explored in the new season, following many character’s traumatic experiences and losses.

The 100 will return midseason on the CW.

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