Synopsis 03×06: In ‘Some Like it Hot Mess,’ Liv consumes the brain of an irresponsible narcissist who has been murdered; Peyton learns some shocking news; Ravi experiences a substantial setback.

So it looks like Major really did take the cure! Liv spent the night with him for sure (yay love!). Ravi immediately starts testing Major while he’s eating what appears to be ice cream. Ravi shows Major flash photograph cards of friends, familiar places, and even Minor (still sad to see that dog go!).  He appears to remember everything (phew!) so far. Human Major turns out to be a very sloppy eater. The first meal of the day includes ice cream, (referred to as creamy goodness by Major) and potato chips. 

Liv walks in to the kitchen and sees Major devouring his food concoction. She tells him she needs to get home and leaves him and Ravi to their flash card memory test session. But when Liv reaches home she walks in and finds a very happy Peyton cooking bacon for two. Obviously it isn’t for Liv, so who could the second person be? Oh you guessed it, Blaine! Sigh, I’m really not pro Plaine (Peyton + Blaine = Plaine, I just made that up lol). Blaine makes his way out of the bedroom and plants one on Peyton right in front of Liv. Which leads to Liv asking them to keep the public display of affection (PDA) to a minimum when she’s around, and they agree. 

Liv gets a call from Clive about a murder victim named Yvonne Fallon who was literally A. Hot. Mess., but hey, Some Like it Hot Mess. Clive and Liv make their way over to the victim’s house to investigate and find a hairdryer in the tub. Someone wanted it to look like a suicide, but we all know it’s not. Back at the morgue, Liv cooks up a tasty brain meal and becomes a full on hot mess. We hear the sounds of Tove Lo (gotta love her voice!) on Liv’s iPod as she sews up another corpse. 

Clive and Liv head over to Yvonne’s place of business to investigate and question witnesses. While she’s there Liv discovers through a vision that Yvonne was a DJ and a drinker! She takes shots with the bartender on duty and then heads over to the DJ booth to play some tunes. Clive tells her to stop, but Liv claims she’s buttering up the witness. She makes her way back to the storage room and discovers the woman who slapped Yvonne in one of her visions. 

Meanwhile, Major is at home writing letters to all the people in his life that he loves just in case his memories disappear permanently. Liv walks in on him and asks why he didn’t write anything for Sue and Dalia in Walla Walla. Major claims he just doesn’t have anything to say, nothing came for him when he tried to write. Liv tells him he should try to write something. 

Ravi and Liv plan to take turns watching Major to make sure he doesn’t lose his memories. This seems like a great plan, except Liv is on a hot mess brain and manages to forget everything. 

Don E’s business is running smoothly… until a rich zombie tells him he wants to be human again. That’s when Don E goes to visit Ravi to ask him about selling the cure to the rich zombie. Obviously, Ravi tells Don E no. That’s when Don E tells Ravi that Blaine is lying about not remembering his memories. He claims Blaine remembered someone named John, who worried a lot and died about a year ago. Could it be our buddy Blaine is lying to Ravi’s beloved Peyton? Oh the things we do for love…

Just after Ravi discovers this information from Don E, Peyton shows up requesting the file for the dominatrix from the previous episode. At first I totally thought Ravi wouldn’t do it, but he ends up spilling his new found information with Peyton anyway. Clearly, Peyton doesn’t want to believe it or him. She asks where he got the information from, and Ravi tells Peyton it cam directly from one of Blaine’s guys. Ravi tries to explain that he’s telling her because he just thought she should know and hear it first. But of course, Peyton is not trying to accept it.

Liv is just as annoying on hot mess Yvonne’s brain. She’s become very forgetful, especially with the one very important task Ravi has asked her to complete. Getting the ingredients for the memory serum. But you guessed it, Liv manages to keep forgetting to get them! She even prints out the list on Peyton’s computer and literally walks out the door minutes after it prints.

All the while, Major packs a bag and silently disappears without anyone noticing. Major please don’t goooooo, is all I could keep thinking!

But, joke’s on Peyton because the cure works. Looks like Blaine lied to her all along. And when he tries to be truthful with Peyton and tell her that he got his memories back a few days after taking the cure. She got angry and stormed out. Not because he lied to her (I mean people lie all the time, right?).

She was angry because Blaine lied and in turn basically denied her friends from taking the cure and becoming human again. So sad that Blaine could’ve just told her the truth and just tried to change his ways. But I guess once a bad man, always a bad man? 

Liv and Clive manage to solve the case and discover that Yvonne’s roommate was the person who killed her. Shortly after that discovery though, Liv meets up with Ravi and he questions why she’s not with Major. That’s when they both realize that Major is missing! So Ravi and Liv immediately set out trying to find him. They search everywhere and can’t find him.

Back at Liv’s place and she’s just about ready to dig deep when Peyton tells her that the cure works. FINALLY something good is happening. Right after Peyton fills Ravi and Liv in, Major calls her and confirms that he’s fine and with his mom.

Liv is ecstatic she can finally be human again! They all depart for the morgue so Liv can take the cure and become human again. Except when they arrive there, Ravi’s office is ransacked and the cure is gone. But who would take the cure? Could it be Don E? Or maybe Blaine? Liv’s dream of being human deflates, but then Ravi tells her that Major had an additional emergency syringe with him from his mercenary days.

So the group waits for Major to return so she can take the cure, yay! Except when Major returns, they discover he’s given the cure away… the ultimate betrayal. Sigh, sorry Liv looks like you’ve lost your chance at being human once again. 

This was an emotional episode. I really thought that Liv FINALLY had a chance, at love, at life, but it was ripped from her once again. I’m looking forward to next week’s episode. As always, leave your thoughts below and ping me on Twitter so we can discuss #allthefeels. 

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