Synopsis of 7×16: A beloved character stays loyal until the very end, Rick’s group faces a shocking betrayal, and everything converges to set up All Out War in season 8. See you then guys!

The season seven finale starts with a close up on Sasha’s face, shrouded in darkness with headphones in and music playing. She starts mumbling to herself and suddenly she wakes up on a couch with Abraham. He tells her that he’s going to help Rick take Maggie to see the doctor and she tells him not to go.

Negan opens up Sasha’s cell and welcomes her to the first day of the rest of her life. She’s supposed to help get things back on track, with a few deaths in the mix, and is going to help him solve some shit. He even made her happy face pancakes!

In Alexandria, Dwight is still being held by Rick and Daryl. Tara confronts Dwight about Denise’s death even as he says he wants Negan dead and she encourages Daryl to kill him. Dwight explains that his actions were done for someone else (Sherry!), but now that she’s gotten away after helping Daryl escape, he wants to help end it.

He tells them when Negan is coming, with how many people, and offers to slow them down. Dwight has a whole plan and they reluctantly agree to it, with Daryl promising to kill him regardless when it’s all over.

There’s a point where Sasha is sitting on a log with Maggie, simply watching. But soon she’s back with Abraham once more, telling him about a dream she had where he died. And just as suddenly, she’s listening to Negan explain how he’ll have to kill some more Alexandrians as she insists that no one has to die. He is insistent that there has to be some kind of punishment in place, but admits that she has him wrapped around her finger.

At the Hilltop, Maggie is discussing the plans with Enid and Jesus. They’re going to head to Alexandria to help with the fight. Also, she’s had Judith, so that explains who has been watching her.

Carol and Ezekiel have a group from the Kingdom when they confront Morgan for his shopping cart blockade set up from Richard. Carol reasons with him that killing any of the Saviors on his own my send them after the Kingdom and Ezekiel implores him to join them in their fight. It’s an impassioned plea that ultimately works as Morgan joins their convoy.

The trash people show up in literal dump trucks to Alexandria and Jadis asks to lay with Rick after the battle is finished, to which Rick and Michonne try to excuse themselves quickly. Daryl, Aaron, and Rosita set up explosives as they all prepare to confront Negan’s group when they show up.

Simon and the rest of the Saviors come across the fallen trees, to which they wonder if Rick’s group set them up and Negan thinks maybe they could have. While clearing the road, Eugene offers to try to talk some sense into the Alexandrians.

After showing her in the dark with her headphones again, Sasha is with Abraham still trying to convince him to sit out the mission. She tells him about the dream where he was drowning and then she was drowning, to which he says he hates the beach. He’s hellbent on helping Maggie, just as she’s desperate not to.

As she’s walking through the Sanctuary, Eugene assumes Sasha changed her mind about the “allergy medication” he got her, but she says she hasn’t. Eugene still tells her that if people die, it’s because of their own choices.

The Alexandrians are getting into place for Negan’s arrival, with Michonne and a trash woman on snipers, and the rest of the group lining the walls and gate of Alexandria. Unfortunately, Eugene is on one of the trucks with a bullhorn, trying to convince them to give in to Negan. When Rick asks for Negan, he tells them that he is Negan. After a tense moment, Rick gives Rosita the sign to trigger the explosives – but they don’t work.

Jadis and the trash people betray Rick, instantly turning on all of his people, as Negan gets out of a truck. He confronts Rick about trying to kill Eugene and then reveals Sasha has traveled there in a coffin. Negan wants all the guns, all the lemonade, a person of Rick’s choosing for Lucille, Daryl back, and the pool table or everyone is probably going to die.

Banging on the coffin, Sasha is again with Abraham. They hug and he calls her on her bullshit, telling her that they’ve always done things for everyone else. Maggie is the future an dthey have to protect her or it’s all for nothing. She finally agrees with him.

When Negan goes to show Sasha by opening the coffin, it’s revealed that she’s taken Eugene poison pill and killed herself. She choose to ride in the coffin with an iPod of music from Eugene and took the pill on the way. Turned, she attacks Negan and all hell breaks loose. Carl shoots some of the trash people and everyone opens fire.

Rosita appears to get shot, Michonne and the other sniper start fighting, Jadis shoots Rick in the side and eventually he’s brought down to see Carl kneeling before Negan. He tells Rick that he’s going to kill Carl and Rick tells him that no matter what he does, he’s going to kill Negan one day. There’s a tense moment where Negan prepares to swing at Carl and the Kingdom arrives!

Ezekiel, Shiva, and reinforcements flow into Alexandria to take on the Saviors, just as Maggie and the Hilltop arrive as well. There is more gunfire and the Saviors are eventually forced to retreat. It’s a bittersweet moment as they regroup and find Sasha shambling through the woods. They have a funeral for her and all of the scenes of her sitting with Maggie culminate in Maggie’s final voice over speech.

At the Sanctuary, Negan questions Eugene about how Sasha might have died and he says she ran out of air. He doesn’t seem convinced, but lets it slide, and announces to all of his people that they’re going to war. Get ready for All Out War season 8 everyone!

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