Synopsis 01×06: The newest patients at Clockworks settle into the facility, though one can’t seem to stop obsessing about a door that no one else pays any attention to.

After being pulled into some bizarre parody of Clockworks by David (or something else…), the gang goes to therapy with Dr. Lenny. Melanie discusses Oliver, Ptonomy talks about his mother’s death, Kerry and Carrie defend their strange closeness, Walter – The Eye – is hostile and on edge, and Syd laments how nothing feels real. It’s fascinating to see how their real circumstances and experiences are re-framed and explained away.

Once her session is over, Syd finds herself drawn to an out-of-place bedroom door at the end of a hallway, but before she can investigate further, she’s paged to the nurse’s station for her medication. Even more surprising is Amy, who shows up as a nurse to “spot-check” Syd.

Meanwhile, in a scene mirrored from the pilot episode, David and this time Ptonomy sit in chairs discussing the drool of their fellow patient. Syd is already there, sitting on the arm of a chair, so there’s no disruption from her this time around. Instead, she tries to broach the topic of the door with them and is interrupted by Lenny taking David to his session.

David feels good, like he’s found himself, and what follows is a montage of yoga, reading, painting, and relaxing. When pressed, he claims that he’s in control here and is in a relationship now, he doesn’t want to mess anything up now that he’s finally found a balance.

Later, before David can dig into the pie he picked up for himself and Syd, Amy swoops in and denies him, even when Syd tries to pass hers to him. David puts his head down on the table to pout while Syd eats hers – only to spit it out and throw it to the floor when she sees that it’s infested with bugs.

Suddenly, Lenny is dancing her way through all of David’s memories, from his attempted suicide, his childhood bedroom, Clockworks, Summerlands, and more. It’s a taunt that makes for an interesting wink at the audience, we know something’s wrong and Syd might be starting to catch on. Lenny, meanwhile, saunters her way out of the door Syd’s been questioning and right back into this constructed version of Clockworks.

Syd is having dreams about David and the Demon with the Yellow Eyes when he wakes her up to lay in bed with her. Syd talks to him about the feeling of deja vu and claims that he should be trying to get better and leave, though David thinks everything is too much outside these walls. He wants things to be simple and she tells him that he can’t stay in the hospital for his entire life. The next time she walks by where the door should be, it’s gone.

Kerry and Cary are playing checkers against each other while Melanie stares out the window to admire the outdoors in the great room when Syd finds them. She tries to explain her dream to them – the reality that she had David pull them from in his childhood home – and Cary says he dreams of a giant ice cube, while Melanie only dreams about love. Syd asks them about the door, but they also brush her off, thinking she might be confusing memories.

Later, in the hallway, Kerry and Cary are walking together when he leaves her to use the restroom. Standing alone in the hallway, she’s watched by The Eye without her knowledge. When she looks in his direction, he’s gone, and Cary startles her badly enough that he leaves her in her room with the promise that he’ll knock on the wall if she does to get scared.

Cary sees the ice palace Oliver lives in hovering above his bed and when he reaches for it, his bed disappears and he finds himself in the woods with his injuries from Kerry’s fight intact. He tries to communicate with the man in the scuba suit before him, who ultimately beckons him to follow.

While he’s painting, Syd tries to talk to David about the door again and how the hospital might be just a version of reality, not actual reality. He tries to discourage her, because he doesn’t want them to up her meds, when she questions what that has to do with not being touched. David is just as confused as he is, because her ailment is delusional thinking, but she says that’s his diagnosis. He corrects her that he’s manic-depressive when she accuses him of being schizophrenic while she has antisocial personality disorder.

She storms out of David’s room in a huff, only to see something pulsing on the wall. When she touches it, it begins to bleed, and Lenny confronts her about what she’s doing. As a new treatment method, Lenny coaxes her to put headphones on and focus on the sounds. It’s calming crickets and more that lays Syd out on her back and ultimately transports her back to bed.

Ptonomy is in his own bed, dreaming of his mother’s death, while Kerry startles herself awake and knocks on the wall for Cary. When he doesn’t answer, she goes into his room and is confronted by The Eye. It’s traumatizing for her and she ends up running out of the room in search of Cary.

When David finally notices the mysterious door that Syd’s been asking everyone about, Amy confronts him before he can get to it. She tells him that nobody wants him here and that they only pretend to like him. Calling him a disgusting freak, she faux-gags until he’s so distraught that he leaves without investigating the door.

Melanie is outdoors watering the fast-growing flowers in the shadow of David’s demons when the man in the scuba suit projects himself to her. She follows him into the scene that David pulled them all from, Syd standing in between him and bullets from The Eye. She tries to move the bullets and David, but can’t accomplish either. Eyes on the wall open.

David knocks on Lenny’s door and asks if she’s seen Syd, but Lenny only has him sit to discuss their relationship. She talks to him about how love is a chemical in your brain and begins talking about God, life, and parasites. She also reveals that she knew David’s real father, who tried to hide David away from her, but she found him. David is the ant in the metaphor, she only needs his body and David suddenly finds himself in a dark place alone.

In her bed, the man in the scuba suit removes Syd’s headphones so that she’ll wake up. When she does, he reveals himself to be Cary and has her follow him.

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