No Pod Nod would be complete without including a podcast that so strongly reminisces on the history of radio dramas. In the same vein as Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds, this story will captivate listeners and leave you questioning if perhaps this entire situation was real and you just somehow missed the news broadcasts on it. 

Limetown follows the investigative journalist Lia Haddock as she attempts to unravel the mystery of Limetown, a small town in Tennessee where 300 residents mysteriously disappeared and were never again seen or heard from. 

Lia Haddock proceeds with a series of interviews with supposed survivors of the town, trying to understand why they have come forward to speak with her, just what the “panic” was that set off this entire chain of events, how her own family history is related to the town, and just what the experiments in the town were trying to accomplish. 

Only Lia Haddock is in each episode, but you’ll find yourself drawn to some of her interviewees and wishing them only the best in survival, despite the dark forces that may be acting on them. 


Some say that the acting in this podcast is overdone, but I personally found it compelling and it fit in well with radio news sources such as NPR. It feels like it just might be real.

“I have heard the future.”

Prepare for some unease. Episode two, in particular, has some eerie conversations and startling moments. The majority of the story does not follow that format but do be prepared for some of it.

The characters are compelling and endearing. I found myself wishing that I had the opportunity to interact with them and, perhaps, save them. You’ll be sorry that each episode only focuses on one individual and their interview; that is until you meet the next survivor and become enrapt in their narrative. 

Finally, be prepared for an incomplete story. With only six full episodes, you’ll finish this and eagerly await more. Many of the answers unraveled during the interviews, only leave more questions. When it’s over, you’ll want to run out and start your own interviews, because you just need to know what it all means. 

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