Synopsis of 12×13: Supernatural has done it again with this week’s episode, “Family Feud.” As with all secrets on the show, they never stay secret for long, and they eventually come full circle. “ Family Feud” brings up the secrets and long-held resentments that families keep from another that either get resolved or come to a head. Of course, as this is Supernatural, so obviously there is going to be a ghost and the King of Hell involved.


“Family Feud” opens with a murdered woman and the boys finding the case. The scene cuts to Crowley explaining to Lucifer why and how he captured him. Lucifer is unimpressed with Crowley’s monolog and tells him he should have just put him back in the cage, instead of using him for his inevitably flawed plan. Mary is keeping secrets still, as she is still working with the Men of Letters and Dean suspects that she is involved in something.

Kelly Kline is also back and attempting to eat at a divey diner, and an angel disguised as a waitress finds her and says, “You’ll love the little devil.” Obviously, this ominous statement does not go unnoticed by Kelly.

Lucifer tells Crowley that the spawn of Satan is alive and that the Winchesters didn’t succeed in taking care of the problem. Dean and Sam figure out the ghost killing people belongs to Gavin’s ship and asks Crowley for help. Crowley tells them no, which leads Lucifer to say one of the best lines of the episode,”Oh, my dad! We’re both single fathers! I need some fatherly advice.”

The Winchesters involve Rowena after Crowley tells them no, by promising her that she would be able to meet her grandson. The scene then cuts to Kelly Kline, who is being followed by angels and saved by one of the princes of Hell, Dagon.

Dagon explains to Kelly about angels and demons. In a touching and nearly human moment, although she totally is manipulating for her needs, explains that no child is born evil and that it’s about the child’s upbringing that makes a child good and evil.

This theme of upbringing and being good and evil is further explored as Rowena meets her grandson for the first time. He explains that a locket belonged to his fiancé. At the same time, the locket gets placed in a woman’s coat and taken back to a private school. Rowena and the Winchesters discover that the necklace is missing and they need to find it. Spooky stuff happens at Pembrook School for Girls, and Fiona’s ghost kills a teacher. She goes after the second teacher, but Sam and Dean storm in for the rescue.

Gavin speaks to Fiona, who tells him about the horrible time she had on the ship. She explains that their teacher allowed her abuse to happen and then told her she deserved to be mistreated. She maintains that’s why all teachers need to pay. The Winchesters and Gavin decide to send Gavin back to his time to be with Fiona. Crowley shows up, angry and in one of those rare moments, shows that he cares about something other than himself and says no. He tries to stop Gavin and Rowena tells Crowley, “Fergus, he’s not like us, he believes in things. Let him do what he believes is right.”

Crowley is suspicious of Rowena’s support and says as much to Rowena. Gavin decides to go forward with the spell.

Sam and Dean do the spell to send him back, and Fiona appears with Gavin in a burst of light. They hold hands, and the spell sends them back to their time, and all the deaths that had occurred as a result disappeared.

As Sam explains that everything seems normal, Mary comes down the stairs to the bunker, and Dean over-dramatically commentates on Mary’s absence. Mary admits to the boys that she has been working with the Men of Letters. Dean gives her “the face,” and they argue about the Men of Letters. Sam reminds Mary that they tortured him to get information from them.

Rowena and Crowley are drinking together, and Crowley is upset that Gavin is gone. Crowley asks Rowena why she sent someone that he loved away. Rowena, vicious and angry, tells Crowley that she sent her grandson to his death as payback for Crowley forcing her to kill Oscar, the boy she loved as a son. All the families are back together, for better and for worse, as the episode ends with Lucifer whispering Dagon’s name.

I’m willing to bet that Lucifer will be reunited with his “family” soon as well, and that is going to cause some problems for Crowley, Rowena, and the Winchesters pretty soon. Overall, this episode highlighted what it means to be a family, for better or for worse and had several excellent messages about family. Overall, can’t wait to see what next week’s episode brings us, as this season just keeps getting better.

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