Synopsis: The gang chase each other around in circles when the Devil comes to town. Stefan decides to take matters into his own hands and kill Elena to bend Damon to his will.

(But only because the writers finally had the guts to kill off a main character.)

**Spoilers ahead**


I watched this episode a few hours ago and I cannot for the life of me remember what happened other than the ending.

Cade’s back in town, and he’s upset that Damon unionized and refuses to work under such poor conditions. Cade tries to break the strike by forcing Damon to kill 100 evil people by the end of the day OR by killing Caroline by the end of the day. Much like this show, no one takes him seriously. 

Really, what reason do we have to take him seriously? No one important on this show has died since season 1. Even Elena is chilling in a coffin Sleeping-Beauty style until the end of the series. Sure, Tyler died, but everyone was done with him as soon as Caroline moved onto her next romantic musical chair. 

Damon tries to workaround his ultimatum by finding ways to kill Cade. After he figures out that ripping his heart out won’t work, and neither will fire (surprise, fire doesn’t kill the devil), he decides to use The Cure to make Cade mortal. There’s only one tiny problem.

Bonnie wants to use The Cure on Enzo so they can live out their mortal lives together in wedded bliss. They spend their day checking off things on Enzo’s bucket list (drag racing, sky diving, if you thought an immortal hundred year old would have a few more exciting ideas than your average college dudebro, you’d be wrong).

After Bonnie and Enzo’s Excellent Adventure, they end up in Bonnie’s secret upstate-New York house. Casual property ownership by a twenty-something without a steady job. Probably one of the more ridiculous plot points on this show, but whatever. 

Turns out that Bonnie has been housing Elena’s comatose body in her house. Stefan gets this intel from Cade and rushes off to Elena to kill her and punish Damon. At the very end of the episode, Stefan rips out Enzo’s heart and rushes toward Elena.

Bonnie stops Stefan by injecting him with a vial of The Cure. For a minute, it looked like Elena might wake up in this episode because Stefan would kill Bonnie (which would have been a pretty cool twist), but it looks like we’ll have to wait out a month of heartbroken Bonnie before she does.

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